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  1. congrats to the winners :D and crochead xD
  2. nhell


    demonologist's replacement
  3. changed the side view it didn't have the lines the the robe has on the back view
  4. j picture ng tatay mo yan ah xD
  5. this should be put ingame i want to see a bunch of clowns coming out of those tiny tent shops at towns xD
  6. I read we can submit different colors so I did, bronze one matches doombow
  7. yeah, first 1 was too simple
  8. i added bronze and gold
  9. wow a comment from a developer! thank you!
  10. why do u want to make this costume? i already made it lol
  11. this is just a preview? can't wait to see it finished! right now this is in the top5 best entries along with unholy guard, divine gatekeeper, red joker and mine :blush:
  12. thanks but only the 1st place winner gets to have his costume put ingame i doubt it will be me
  13. ganda tol, pwede ng 10th place :P haha
  14. i used an app on symbian called idesigner
  15. thanks for all the positive comments
  16. Bushi: A warrior wearing leather boots and robe with plate armour on the chest, shoulders and arms and a kabuto helmet.
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