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  1. English

    Cant connect

    I've got the same so your not alone :nea:
  2. i also think RU-Amber server is going to set on fire :shok:
  3. damnnn i must only have 2/4 pieces of pie not realising it ;D merc i think we all like a bit of pie :drinks: hahahaa
  4. hahaa lucky you ;D i only managed 2 :crazy:
  5. Im even on server watch, refreshing the realms. :fool: If/when it is back online ill edit this or post so you guys know here atleast. Keep seeing the other servers going down and coming back online too. Hope someone is actually trying to fix this. :nea:
  6. LOL still down :shok: Has everyone migrated to the RU servers? Amber seems to have the most ;D Try hurry and fix EU & US for us poor souls who cant even enjoy the halloween update :'( Just seen all the other servers go off too :wacko:
  7. i wounder when things get sorted out ;D hopefully soon :shout:
  8. everytime an update- EU always goes down 1st :lol:
  9. I don't mind PvP :blush: just can't get on yet :facepalm:
  10. Whats your acc name? so atleast we know who he has stolen.... this has happened so many times to people and we ALL say the same. no matter who it is, NEVER give your ID and Pass to anyone even if they promise you m.coins.
  11. I had a thought... not that many are decent ones but its a thought. New way of making gold for future maybe. :blush: Say add a "Job" NPC in the 2 main towns on both islands. Have some sort of rank or promotion behind it, (with exp from the job) the more you work, the more you can earn (hourly) only making gold only once the "job" is finished. Example; Minimum work, 2 hours- 800 gold. But, you cant leave that town untill the "job" is done. I thought this would be a good idea seen as though gold is somewhat scarce among newer/bad players (who keep dying untill all their equipment is broken) Would be good to know what you lot think ::) Comments/Opinions/Suggestions/Ideas All Welcome ;D
  12. English


    wait for the update i suppose or just post in trade and sell :dirol:
  13. English


    Yes it is a bug, i've had the same problem with trying to sell certian armours :facepalm: Maybe in 3.0 all this will change :crazy:
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