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    zherot reacted to Lashabi in [2019.08.01] Update 8.0: The Ship Graveyard. Release   
    Devs reduced the price of scrolls which are rewarded from 90k 200k quests (from 256 gold to 58 gold)....nice work.. u guys definitely deserve 1 star in play store.
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    zherot reacted to Whitex in [2019.08.01] Update 8.0: The Ship Graveyard. Release   
    Sorry @Reivenorik but with this OXYGEN kind of mechanics, you guys just ducked up everything.
    Doesn't really matter if the others part of the content are absolute awesome. Just change this mechanic
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    zherot reacted to REAPER in [2019.08.01] Update 8.0: The Ship Graveyard. Release   
    On a serious note. Unless we can regenerate oxygen while we are offline this game is not worth playing any longer. You tell us to take breaks from playing and not staying too much online. But the only profitable way is to stay afk for an hour to regen some oxygen. And honestly I don't have time to waste on a game that forces me to stay online and do nothing.
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    There are also blue relics which can be only made in castles.
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    It sucks, defense is not a reliable stat and it is this way because the game is designed around forging weapons and armor up to +10 so this is why the formula is just a stupid % that increases the more defense you have, this % is so high that in order to cap it you will need to have armor increased to +10 for it to be able to reach a decent amount of damage reduction.
    In other words, it is like that to incentivice the p2w.
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