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  1. Hey anonymous... I have had a great time with youll, and im really sad that i wasn't in any videos of this clan... But i hope youll have a great time and respect each other... Tell this to Legionn too if you see himm.... I am leaving clan because some people in clan dont respect me... But ill leave and move on thank.....Please take my name off the list

  2. :facepalm: gm should watch trade chat everyday because a person trying  to get people's accounts,because they are poor  :rofl:,but youll should....BTW NICE UPDATE.now my brother can level easy ,and getting ready for new update..

  3. :shok: Yesterday was epicccc!!.i tried to help all for gsrrshagg,lake,and sea monster..but yimmio and al those mc and forsaken got woop 3 times while we were going.we only made it to garrshagg..i tried guys. :drinks:

  4. :bad: so lame wow :bad: I dont even look like the girls dumbhoe...WOW he showed up here with his ugly ass..what ashamed  :rofl:he went to google to find hiw filipinos looks likes  :bad: I dont need all those searching shit.. I see niggers everyday showing there real life TALKS: ay man whats up ..ta look at my jordan brand new 8)

  5. [glow=red,2,300][shadow=red,left]


    [/shadow][/glow] what kind of question is that?:D....... >>> DO U duckIN KNOW YOU????? ...lmao  you speak like a ducking non-sense...blah blah ♥♥♥♥♥♥ go take a bath ... :facepalm:..and guys he response it again like he won wow! :bad:
  6. :facepalm: omfg!this shit needs to stop ,and salty  sit your ass down too.... you just answering all our post..i dont even know you have friends or family in real life orphan..... :bomb: now stfu. just keep answering all these shit damn go suicide ... people dont care :wacko: go live in a sack and go robb some shit and just die damn.. :fool:

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