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  1. exposing blue kitty once more..
  2. Ok this is like my 3rd time being banned and for what? Is it because im not a following troll like the rest of the community appears to be? The couple times ill accept because at least it gave me a reason why I was banned this time It didnt even give me a reason on why I was banned. And as I do read the rules doesnt it say something about trolling being prohibited? Or were you guys just trolling when you said trolling was against the rules? So maybe I should just troll my money elsewhere because even the devs seem like they troll the players and we already know players troll other players. Lets all have a big laugh at the troll face you all praise and glorify it makes me sick :facepalm:
  3. Sorry the caps lock was accidental but lets make this thread hot I know the temptation is to much you see your buddies post then you wanna follow and post with them :spiteful:
  4. I was banned for a week I guess because of that screen shot of what I said to TImeuss
  5. But think about it guys who was to say that you guys shouldve replied negatively at all? Why not just comment some improvements huh? But I guess you guys never thought about that right because your all busy dick riding and Tess I'm calling you out because that was the busy most disgusting most stupid piece of dick riding I've read on the topic :facepalm:
  7. This thread is getting better and better When I first saw that video I thought I wouldn't comment. But now the temptation is too much. That video is sooooo comic That wasnt even proper trolling The thing that made me laugh was Umix looking so stupid I'm waiting to see what he says to me now That was from Tess now this appears to be the biggest piece of d**k riding Ive seen way to go Tess hes suppose to be your friend go against him and wait for everyone else to comment before you make your stupid negative remark now I want you to comment on how stupid i am for posting this keep up the great work :crazy:
  8. and i dont care anymore when I say following I really mean d**k riding and im going to start calling people out 1 by 1 now try to troll me losers :crazy:
  9. and it wasnt suppose to be a troll thread it was suppose to be a video he thought was fun and cool and may have gotten a little laughsand you may think im a "bigot" or im trying to preach but im just trying to be the voice of reason and not follow the crowd and if your not mature enough to understand that or too immature to go on with the "trolling" after people stopped replying then idk what to tell you
  10. Real mature Odin real mature .. and if i do recall the rules isnt trolling against them? so maybe its time for you to get some time off of the forums.. and yet your still just another follower odin.. im taking his side because its like 13 people vs him so you rationalize his behavior and the other's behavior and join in and follow the crowd? :crazy: And if you really wanna know my opinion both parties were wrong yes umix did respond rather harshly to some of the comments but it wouldnt have happened if people wouldve made positive suggestions right? and in my opinion odin you really shouldnt have posted in the first place if you dont have good suggestions or have anything positive to say..
  11. I was reading a recent topic that became an hot topic on a new player.. Well my forum profile may says im a newbie but i certainly have as much experience as some of you "veterans" and you might not know me because i dont say much because i get excluded alot. But i would like to say this and im making a new topic because im not gonna talk trash if you guys reply immaturely so go ahead But the topic "Trolling PvP Cave (sorry about music) was a pointless topic not because of the video but because of how much following I saw.. Well let me tell you this its easy to be the follower in the situation and gang up on him like half the forum community did but how many of you guys ever thought about stepping up and being the leader? How about instead of commenting facepalms because those were pointless comment and i really dont see why you guys took the time just to comment this " :facepalm: " how about we get a leader in that situation and be the voice of reason? why not just give him some suggestions? maybe say oh well that music is good trolling music and maybe say but the people would like to see more pvp or war in a Warspear video? It just shows how humble and mature some of the "veterans" here are :facepalm:
  12. And i wish I wouldve saw this earlier and instead of giving him facepalms or saying hes 10 i wouldve made a suggestion to him like people would like to see a massive war or you pvping or doing arena but i guess none of you thought to do that right? and who knows maybe in a couple of days or weeks a video wouldve been up of him doing pvp like i said he might be new to the game and maybe has a short temper but if your going to comment go comment some positive suggestions like what people would like to see in a Warspear video not commenting how much you disapprove or how stupid you think he looks..
  13. Im not saying your suppose to help him or anything im saying at least be the humble and mature veteran your suppose to be and be the voice of reason among fighting people.. Dont join in with the crowd just because you may have had a couple of laughs here and there because that just makes you another follower.. and i know he may have come out flaming but at least he calmed down closer to the end and he seems newbie so who cares if he does talk a little trash just let the devs deal with it I think the Veterans are suppose to be the voice of reason but I guess i was wrong :facepalm: And by the way just because he talks about 2 or 3 people on the forums does not make it right for the whole forum community to jump in and gang on him.. The people he talks about obviously got talked about for a reason so let them dig there own graves out instead of being a follower
  14. Who cares? Half of the non-american/non-russian population are selfish idiots anyway who only care about making their own character stronger and not letting any outsiders farm Oh and I guess im going to get ganged because I seem to be the only one that has the balls to stand up for him right? So go ahead "old-timers" gang up on the "newbies" and let the immaturity begin. And by the way is this what you want new players to see? The Old Timers who are supposed to be the most helpeful most mature people on the forum talking about the newbies? Think about it you guys before you act like idiots...
  15. lol? are you stupid or what? your saying the internet is 99% used for porn? No one but lonely kids like yourself uses the internet just for porn. And if you actually have had sex in real life you wouldnt really use the internet for porn. And whos to say he is a nerd? Who cares you play this game also so does that make you a nerd to? Just because you flame on forums doesnt make you a nerd So basically what all the people replying to this topic is saying that everyone who plays this game is a nerd right?
  16. its not welcome to the internet.. It should never be a "welcome to the internet" the internet is a tool that should be used for goods but in the hands of idiots like the ones replying negatively to this its a tool thats used for stuff not so good :facepalm: Do you live in the US? If not then shut up because we invented the Internet and you shouldnt tell me "welcome to the internet" maybe people that live out of the US should just shut up if they dont understand what the internet is used for and I bet half the people ganging on him dont even live in the US
  17. dude why are you posting on this? it's worthless now everyone stopped but you keep going right? and the fact that you keep looking at his profile just shows how much of a life you have.. like raxal said this is 5 pages of worthless dissing and it sucks that he has to get like 8 on 1 by the whole forum community seriously if you want to talk shit why dont you do it 1 vs 1? not have your forum buddies jump in...
  18. AH THANKS you just explained why most Elves are stubborn assholes that act like rich snobs and why MC seems more willing to fight and quicker to start "wars" i say that because you know how many elves are willing and ready to participate in so called wars :unknw: MC just camp at bridge people in trade chat yell mc at bridge mc at bridge and MC just stay as long as they want until they get tired of wiping low levels who are willing to fight's blood off of their swords and axes. If Elves had as much will and spirit as MC and the best wasnt based off of who had the best wallet this game would be perfect :good:
  19. Sorry I posted the same picture but yea you get the message... But the first message he said was "Guys what are we doing out here again" I guess he was talking to his pt And i was jking around saying you guys can help me with quests while your just standing (and put a little smiley face at the end ) and then he goes on and says "i dont think i was talking to you" So im just like :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: This elf community just makes me want to quit this game It's like a whole bunch of elves around but how many are willing to help me with quests when i pm them :unknw: but here is a little fun facts i started this game 3-4 months ago and out of all the quests i've did not ONE level 20 helped me :facepalm:
  20. I meant Jaw but heres a little screen shot of how high lvls try to do me on a day to day bases..
  21. Well I think MC has a better community (correct me if I'm wrong) the majurity of elves are just cocky noobs who likes to talk shit :facepalm: I just wanna know what its like on the other side.. The only elf i really like is Xmoonlight at least she does something with her equipment and would actually hold a little conversation with me :good: but i dont like elves such as Sonofman Jaws and Timeuss those are just a few names they wont even talk to me because they think they are just too good and Timeuss tried to embarass me by trying to make me look like an outcast but little do he know im so good at trash talking :spiteful: And from what i hear I may not be the only one who doesnt like Sonofman
  22. But what if the classes arent balanced :unknw:
  23. Not all elves complain when they die I die all the time seeing as im low lvl and all and I dont complain once. If I had to get mad at someone i would get mad at elves because they let mc get all the way to gasphel and markasha :facepalm:
  24. Just a little suggestion next update can you please eliminate the quests where you kill a boss, go to turn it in, they send you to talk someone else, and you end up having to go back to the same person for your points and experience. I find these type of quests a big time waster :facepalm:
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