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  1. :facepalm: now i think do this quest is wasted time and gear! Is so hard and you jist get the same 10 cc reward, so just wait one day more to do other cc, there are cc quest very vey easy, like go to kill MCs :lol:
  2. :bad: Hi warspear players and admins. just one thing: BUGs!!!! starting in the android version, (i just play on pc but i must report it). - the game takes 15 seconds in black screen to appear the real "loading" screen. - when you try to see the map, the game get freezing at least 5 seconds. - when you change a stage in the map get freeze - when you talk with somebody get freeze tablet version: samsung galaxy 7.0 plus android 3.2 Now...the most important: PC bugs... - sometimes when you stun a mob to run out, it get stuned but...wtf, it still hiting me far away. (is not a ranger mob) - with some bosses got an error that makes the game crash. just standing near of the boss or when you hit him, you got the error: This is one of those bosses: - there are many quest that just have the name: "quest isn't found", have not information and have no name. i just though that those quest was a new kind of quest and just something new and more hard, lol, to make the game more... ummm, more funny i guess, but NO! it is a bug. i done a lot of those "quest isn't found" and sometimes was hard because just got green points and places in the map, but wasn't enough to know what i must to do... I understand that the paladin's stun can be like the others stun skills. i mean: when you stun with a barb, it get stun and he can't move, heal, use skills or attack. the paladin's stun is diferent, it is a "masive" stun, fetters skill stun everything near of the paladin, but it just make them quiet, (can't walk but they can hit). I understand it because a masive stun skill with the characteristics of the others kinds of stun would so OP :rofl: but i need to give my opinion and you must fix that bug which let the mob, monster, boss, still attacking you far away. About the others quest's bugs reported here.... just need to search well in taverns and caves :diablo:
  3. O really, i forgot it, why the duck there are quest that the name are: "quest isn't found" and it have not information. Sometimes i domt know what the duck i have to do. Is om chosen, idk if it happens too in forsaken.
  4. Android version is ducking buged, i just play on pc but i must report it. For example whem you try to look the map, the game freeze in to the next 5 seconds, same when you change the map, or when a mob hot you, can you belive it? Lol i did die few times playing in android because when a monster hit me, the game got stun and when it stop freezing.... Well, i am dead. The last report is that when i open the app it takes maybe 20 seconds to appear the loading white screen.
  5. I think the 4th pont is not truth at all! becuase just in case of the bladedancer/barbarian has entered in to the arena with a healer, the foes will kill first the healer to kill easy the bladedancer/barbarian!
  6. Thanks! i though too that was a crap bug.
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