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  1. invite lower level players.You get better chances.
  2. favorite place :shok: Third Island? :yahoo:
  3. Hiper good idea! :clapping:
  4. Freakor

    Map correction

    check again before posting bullsh*ts. :facepalm:
  5. :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: kidding me? In that video you need only 5 players to finish off a shadow because ULTRA Low health of shadows.
  6. I pressed the right button,but i don't care anymore ;) they are just some money. I just wanted to report this bug
  7. We should set a date when all players need shadows so we can be all online
  8. I did that...And my amount of money is still same :facepalm: I think it's because i put the incomplete rune of defence before update and "took the money" after update :'( bug
  9. Seems no one helps me :facepalm: . Thanks alot and enjoy your gold....unlike me.
  10. I was putting a Incomplete rune of defence on market. It was sold for 1660 gold. When i login in my character the mail said: Incomplete rune of defence was sold (or smth like this) and when i said to get the money...No money in inventory.......... Seriously i lost 1446 gold....If i had 152350gold i wouldn't mind but im poor in gold:| Please can i get my gold back?Atleast my incomplete rune :(? And fix the bug.
  11. We should be able to get free mc coins :( because some of us cant pay (or does not have credit to pay real money) Atleast we should get 1 MC per day :blush: but only for players between level 10 and 20. Another way is to share Warspear on facebook/twitter/etc. (10mcs each) If you have more ideas feel free to post :)
  12. Punching some players doesn't mean Trolling
  13. that's not even trolling :facepalm: ffs
  14. unban TweekIk aswell...
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