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  1. Dear Devs :give_rose: ,

    I post the same topic in general but i didnt find a progressive reply from u :'(


    as you are aware Dominators guild is lvl 2 and trying to chase a target of 663k gp which is a bit hard with the quests what we are getting.


    SO i got a advice for you.. give us daily quests for every 12 hours instead of 24 hours to achieve a bloody target of 663k gp.


    Hope you will respect my advice and help us to achieve the target.


  2. its sounds like WOAHHH!!

    i think of this, coz know why?,,

    when im need repair scroll, potion or life scroll, and there is not seller at kotaravva im always do one way,

    guess what?,


    coz that warehouse not effective for guild,

    if devs make this for guild, all lazy players will have good spirit and reason to lvl up their guild for this advantage.

    thx before.


  3. Dear Devs,

    I think der shud b a small change in op of warlock......... :diablo:

    when he use dark circle if he attack dark circle shud b fail like necro r rogue. when necro r rogue stun if dey attack, stun will finish.

    think about dis :good:



    so der wont b any change in lock........ but his dark circle is injustice.

  4. 2 questions, if you don't mind.



    Will the next update or the one after it provide more ways to earn Guild points?





    If not, How long must we wait?

    I mean you don't expect us to do quests designed for mid levels everyday just to get that 662900 guild points, that would take forever. Took us a week for 72000 guild points but we all worked 24/7 doing daily quests and using unity potions, imagine doing that for 1 whole month, too much if you ask me.


    Yes we get more gp from tower quests

    U cant even achieve in a month i u do all quests with potion

    I try dat. But lost patiance i need more quests dan what we hav

    If i do with same quests i need 3 months r more to lvl up



  5. Dear admin :give_rose: ,


    first i proved to announce that Dominators guild reached to lvl 2 :yahoo: . Now we want to lvl up but the problem is dat we cant achieve 663k GP with noob quests of Isrelnort and lab and swamps.. :facepalm:

    i kindly request you to open the tower so we can achieve da required GP to lvl up.





  6. Well i see what ur point is and i agree. Qhen warlock/Shaman use earthquake or Darkcirlcle u cant move, use skill and not even attack normal hit. Why this happen ? Well if u dont move thise wont happen but if u move and they use aoe u ar struck in middle of two steps. They musst add feature that let u walk to next step and then u can hit normally but ofc. cant use skills. + also close combat cant reach warlock if he can play. Warlock hav 5 stopping skill bcoz every hit what u do to enemy stop it for sec. Warlock and Shaman hav only 2 weakness class and those are Druid and Ranger. And this game doesnt need much skills to be best bcoz this game needs more skills and definetly buff/debuff skills.


    thank god... somone understand what i want to say :give_rose:
  7. guys,


    U all no dat sexpert hate rich players and he was insulting players without any reason.

    But now dis will not happen coz soon he is going 2 b rich.....

    How he gonna b rich i will explain u .....

    In next episode xd

  8. Remove all skill

    and remove all class,

    and change all to modern


    Its the better suggestion

    best suggestion ever

    from all and all


    I want a gun, for shoot you

    I want a bomb, for destroy town



    o yea o yea :diablo:


    *z* iam telling to change da skill not to spoil game......

    My ranger +8 all but when i try to kill lock in arena my damnage is 0 wtf  "NOT EVEN ONE HIT"

  9. Dear Devs,

    I think der shud b a small change in op of warlock......... :diablo:

    when he use dark circle if he attack dark circle shud b fail like necro r rogue. when necro r rogue stun if dey attack, stun will finish.

    think about dis :good:

  10. now you own shree a sorry for all the shit talk you said to him,just saying so the gold doesn't make you forget what nasty words you said to shhhhree


    Wew SORRY...... for what,

    If i done any mistake i wont hesitate to say sorry.....

    and even after getting da rest gold..... He will b a scammer for me. And i will not respect such players.....

    It can b a just breakup between shhhhh and shhhhre dats it.

    I wont involve in his activities and i wont let him involve in mine.

    Iam just waiting for rest gold


  11. Respected devs, i know i am fool to trust a guy name shhhree, he scam me my 380k. He says he will give me guiding vestmant from other char and i trust him because we hunting together so i give gold to him but afterthat he dnt give me my gold and not even gt vestmant. Its now more then a month now and still i dnt get my gold, kindly take action against that scammer.I know i lost my gold but i want that scammer to be punished.I am attaching s.s of chatting with him about gold and sry i dnt have exchange s.s because it was matter of trust.Hope u will punish tha scammer as soon as possibleThanking u,Samxcool


    Guys thanks to da all players who entertained dis post......

    a gud news i got 100 signs from shhhhhree he said he will give rest 200k soon.

    Springy ty bro





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