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  1. for indians also cant buy mc through sms payment. and it has been stoped from more dan a year....i regreat to inform u dat u r not solving problems. there are too many issues for which you said we are working UNFORTUNATELY no progress execuse me if i said anything wrong......
  2. :wacko: what u mean :tease: use english
  3. i love to kill players rather dan doing quests. i kill elfs with my shaman r dk & i kill mc with my ranger :dirol: . and its a warspear Etic. if we make frndship no mean of making two fractions :spiteful: MC shud kill Elfs and Elfs shud kill MC :diablo: so keep on killing for me da ppl who make war at caravan r noobs. war shud b away from respam statue like kota r eye
  4. Gud day guys :give_rose: , Tomorrow means 28th of July will b my last day in warspear. like head and tail of a coin i made some frnds and enemies here. I seek da apologize from whomever I made angry O:-) . And I had a great time with u guys. Luleee will lead my guild (Dominators) and every thing will b as usual :yahoo: . I am gonna miss u all. Love u bb :cray: .
  5. Wkwkwk bego bloodShe is from chaina
  6. iam not telling to remove dark cirle :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: i am just telling dat"if he use dark circle and attacks da drak cirle shud disable" like others stuns rougue stun necto stun if dark circle is lvl 5 den its just a f*** almost 4 r 5 seconds end arena :diablo:
  7. three truths which i cant provide u proof :diablo: :diablo: :diablo: :diablo: :diablo: :diablo: :diablo: :diablo: 1. you used pot to kill my ranger dat is at entrance of pvp cave. 2. Hassan scammed 30x signs ask him do he bought bg axe from me r no and he didnt paid for that. 3.here u got confused :crazy: i didnt said u r noob... let me clear u i didnt said spanish is noob i said ROID IS NOOB. i will treat roid as noob till i will b in dis game dont worry soon iam leaving game. and SPANISH IS PRO. and i insulted him coz he ranned and he runner.
  8. Span thanks for quote First thing i didnt said provocs killed ur shaman. Let me clear i said U USED POT TO KILL MY RANGER Secoond ur ranger idk dat was ur ranger.... After dat arena fewdays passed den i come to no dat, dat was u..... Y dont u agree dat u runned away from me to win. And finale thing Hassn I cant provide u the screen shots like u. U may ask pooja how many signs he scammed....aaaaah dat was bg axe pooja sold to hassn i told pooja dat "hassn will pay dont worry" but days passed away weeks passed away months passed he didnt paid. Dats not a big figure for me. Now come to topic i said Godspd is betterdan u.... Dat is my opinion Xd dont get mad der is reason i saw him alone fighting in arena he was clearing ground. I repeat my words "I DIDNT SAID UR SHAMAN IS NOOB" BUT.... Godspd is better dan u dat is for me :* Thanks again
  9. Bloodlord u r wrong Cindy is not a Indo girl :tease:
  10. Chulbul Pabdey :facepalm: Hassan just got Miracle coins dats it he is pro by his gears and noob by his thinking. if u were in place of hassn u might kill all elfs in 10x revives :tease:
  11. Just wait for a while and keep on txting to support you will sure get it..... if u share your id with others you get ban for few days and you will get back id. same like Malexloxa he shared his id with bloodlords but bloodlord refused to return his id. so malek sent mail to support dey banned his id for few days den he got it back.. keep on try
  12. All i no is he is best runner in arena :tease:
  13. mmmmm Comparision 1. skills are equal a. DK=Pala b. Rogue=ranger c. Barbarian=bd d. Shaman=Druis e. Necro=priest f. Warlock=Mage 2. Demon Suit MC hunt always demon coz MC have more suits dan elfs 3. Luck It is not property of a particular person some times stay with me some time goes to u. if i have da luck i will get drop if u have da luck u get drop. 4. Potition Sorry idk whats dat 5. PVP cave der is only two cross difference to mc camp.... i dont think dat does matter Now remove da feel dat MC better dan Elfs. and the major effect is population. If elfs are more dan MC Elfs rule and MC more dan elfs MC win simple :drinks:
  14. send the screenshots to technical support dey will take action against dat rude idoits
  15. wtfif say no......... f**k lol
  16. Spanish use pot to kill lvl 18 ranger :wacko: u may not believe but that's true. i am not telling spanish is noob. SPANISH is in picture coz he is free. if the same activity done by GODSPD all will start cry :cray: for me GODSPD is the best shaman O:-)
  17. Just luck bro Der is nothing like what u r thinking but keep on trying one day u sure get what u r looking for :give_rose:
  18. irfansha


    Knox change his name at elf(druid)..... and gave da same name to his shaman :wacko:
  19. hurrrrrreeeeeeyyyyyyy *hi*Thanks for reply Now i got a question for u....... same like minions u did not mention any time r date. I no u need time to develop minion but quests u can give us quest plz implement it
  20. Yeh iam facing problem with such answers dats y i raised dis topic.
  21. Not 660k it is 663k exactly 662,900
  22. dear admin, Plz make some arrangement to show da gp added by individuals in guild on daily basis. To make clear above i want to see how many ppl added how much gp. as it shoes in arena how much damage made..... will appreciate ur prompt and kind action
  23. i will be on dis game min 12 hours a day rest 12 hours other struff like login to work and logoff and sleep :rofl: and iam here from more than 2 years
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