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  1. Dats right ebony is carlos. He told me scammed dominators for Marvel*z* whats ever he stael he did but its a gud lesson for me TY ebony
  2. Hi all, It is sad to announce dat Ebony lvl 20 necro scammed guild dominators. He took some items from wh and kicked all members from guild :(. As per my knowledge admin not gonna take action against him but if scammers play game like dis one day WARSPEAR will become SCAMSPEAR. He also scammed a cc costume of Sulli *z* And it is adviced to all dat carefull with him and all scammers.
  3. SNORLAX, Plz check on all devices before launching..... I face problem whever der is update!!!!!!! i dont want to b idle for 2 r 3 days
  4. Roland der was no such law at the time when the trade was done...If it get ban permanently the current owner gonna suffer a lot. Plz provide da login details to current owner Will appreciate ur kind support...
  5. Roland, The information which u got from slubber is correct but he sold his id for 150 signs when he got married he sold his account and now he is trying to misguide u. i request you to save ppl from getting from getting scam. Plz send the login details to the current owner.
  6. It means yellow txt in world chat. This possinle with galaxy hand sets.
  7. dear Admin gud day, Again iam raising da topic of sms payment for mcs for indians. Its almost a year passed but u didnt worked on indian sms payment system. i kindly request you to fix this issue at your earliest.
  8. yes it worked in previously but even if u switch off online it is not working
  9. :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: Awesome :clapping: :clapping: :clapping:
  10. dis is awesome skills for arenas
  11. shaman and necro both r gud, if u manage dem properly :aggressive: :aggressive: :aggressive: :aggressive:
  12. Dear Admin, I kindly request you to start the sms payment for India at your earliest. :diablo: :diablo: :diablo: :diablo: :diablo: :diablo: :diablo: Earlier too many ppl requested you but we did not received progressive reply from u......
  13. hey whats ur character name
  14. I wont see lvl i wont see character if da name is in red it mean just kill it xd :*
  15. f**k dis vanity aslo scammed my 220k
  16. max heal doesnt mean dat best healer. r the title of the post is wrong
  17. for me best healer is Udan, go hunt or arena with him once u will learn da job of healer. u will say wew dis also can do....
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