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  1. link=topic=110739.msg844819#msg844819 date=1404898703]

    Im also tired of people constantly breaking rules and crying rivers when they get caught and banned. You must've done something, which of course, you wont admit.




    LoL, crying xd



    whats dat,,,, i never cry for something.... do u know iam making new shaman 8)  much better dan my previous character....need to work more to more strong  O:-) O:-) O:-)



    the reason beyond my id got banned is i used more dan 2 ids... which i was unaware... i dont think its a big sin... i started play in RU server before 4 years.. after 3 months i quit game coz idk about arena gears and miracle coins.... in 4 years i used more than 4 ids i think.... for this banning id is unfare....



    u too carefull one day will come ur id tooo get ban :tease:

  2. Dear Guys,



    Why noob devs scam my name....dey create the costume with my guild name (DOMINATORS) and they create the rogue grears with my character name(PROVOCATOR).



    Now they banned my ID coz i used more than 2 ids....... is this fair :diablo: :diablo: :diablo: :diablo: ?????????????????????

  3. Your best bet would be to just try and re-submit another ticket and see what can be done, if anything.



    @galm flight, perhaps with technology and stuff these days, anything can be gotten hold of  :facepalm:


    iam not sad coz i got hacked iam sad coz devs are not supporting me :'( :'( :'( :'(

  4. Well, one Account has to be blocked.

    I know Provo for long time and he is a good Guy . 

    Account Nr. 1 and 2 is not against the EULA.

    So block Accounts that where made after them.


    provo is in my second id. first id i made in russian server dat time idk about servers. den i shifted to eu just if i get provo its more dan enough for me  :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

  5. sad story indeed. But I dont see how anyone can change your login and password without knowing your password to begin with.


    dats what iam saying. idk what app  he used to broke the password but iam 100% sure i just gave him id.

    i am not a newbie to give him id and password.  :facepalm:

  6. Easy on the hostility.

    and how exactly did you get "hacked"?


    when i was in Saudi i was buying mc through SMS payment but now i shifted to india and der is no sms facility in India. i saw a guy selling 1k mc for 50k gold so i agree for that.


    he asked id to replenish mc so i just gave him id but not the password. and in a moment he changed id and password :'( :'( :'( .

    immediately i informed devs and i got reply from dem dat id got banned forever coz using multi ids :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: .

    i made one of the strong guild in EU. Dominators.

  7. Sorry, we have no solution in this case.

    You can play fair next time, without selling or sharing your account i.e.


    so do u want me to spend more my time and my money to create new characters. from the day i started playing game no one can blame that i scam a single gold from 3 years.


    I got hacked and i approached you to get some help from you. but instead of helping me you guys f**king back.


    Dont you guys have any respect for the senior players???? when pokka issue came to forum from that time i said so many ppl to stop trading accounts. on that day i come to know that trading of accounts is against to game.


    ther are n number of hackers and scammers in the game but no action was taken against them even after providing screen shots.


    well in this case i can just quit the game BB. i can just say you guys are just noob decision makers.


    Send a support ticket using this link... http://warspear-online.com/en/support


    i did i got da below reply


    Dear Player!

    Your account/device have been blocked permanently due to multiple violations of EULA and our terms.

    Most common reasons for block are


    - selling and trading accounts

    - creating and using more than 2 accounts

    - using someone else's account

    - changing password and login of account you didn't create


  9. Dear devs,


    please advice.... my id got banned forever.... i do agree dat i used moredan 2ids. but i was unaware of that, when pokka issue came to forum i come to know dat using moredan 2 ids is against EULAW.


    when i got hacked i approached Tech support, so from der i come to know that my id got banned forever.

    i need my id back please suggest me what to do.......... PLEASE DONT SAY U CANT GET BACK :diablo:


    I spent my real money and more than 3 years to make my characters. i simply cant give up my characters  :cray: :cray: :cray: :cray: :cray:

  10. wtf,

    Asusual devs made one more noob update.

    Symbians players unable to play.

    Apart from dat even devs dont think to reply for posts.

    Any developer answer me now..... Whats da solution for symbians users.

    Issue is dat iam unable to play game is crashing.... Give me a link to install da sis file which run smooth game.



  11. Any information considering your account will help. Character names, levels, classes, amount of currencies, account creation date, items on characters, payment information, etc.

    The more information you provide, the easier it is for them to find your account and recognize it as yours.


    Thanks for info

    I hav given all details except account creation date coz i dont remember :!

    How many days it will take to get new id and password?


  12. dear snorlax,

    Its me provo. As u said i sent tkt to technical support but i dont know what type of info dey need to return my id.

    Plz tell me what details i shud sent to dem. Plz ban provo untill i get reply from tech devs.

    Snorlax plz help me out. I need my provo :(:(:( i can make a new shaman but what about dominators.... I dont want to loose provo.... dat hacker saying he will delete my dk shaman and ranger.

  13. dear roland,

    Today i got scammed. one guy said me dat he sell miracle coins. And he asked id. And i just gave him my id but i didnt gave password. And he changed login details. I sent mail to technichal support. But dat scammer is saying he will delete my characters. Iam afraid of being get delete :(. I kindly request u to ban provo till i get reply from tech support..... Iam one of da old players playing from moredan 3 years.. I gave him my id coz i cant buy mc in india through sms. When i was in saudi i was buying huge mc through sms. Due to need of mc i took da risk...

    Plz help me out.



  14. Lol

    dont trust on unknow players giving heir or even explorer thats your fault...noobs


    Wew u cat i didnt see any chat on u regarding ur scams.

    But u r from guild of ebony"MARVELS" which is filled with scammers  CARLOSBR which is EBONY and ur frnd VIDHI which is best known scammer in EU at both elfs and mc.

    U too may get scam :)

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