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  1. Ohh disculpa, es que en Brasil (en algunas ciudades) tienen el mismo horario que en Paraguay
  2. A few days ago in sand I had the opportunity to meet this character, the only thing he does (whether or not a difficult opponent has) is to run. They already told me that there is no penalty for this fact, although I am sure that more than one bother that you have per team (randomly) to a person who does not help in the fight, and by rival the same, this time I could marry him with my druid, they were more than 50 times that I found it and it was just happening doing that. What do you think? Would you like to have such a team? Or would you like an opponent? Apologies for the translatio
  3. Es tanta la indignación que tengo, de prepararme por mucho tiempo para poder pelear contra los mejores en lvl 14 elf, que cuando estoy con posibilidad quiten esos items, pensaba que en ésta temporada lo pondrían, pero no lo hacen, iré a pasar allí. Es bueno encontrar personas conocidas en el juego aquí.
  4. They still do not give an answer as to why they removed the accessories from levels 6-16, those of us who played at that level had the goal of getting all the accessories, I am more than certain that few people care about the armor, since one always seeks to have more damage What sense does it have to fight so much for so little now?
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