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  1. i guess there is no switching again
  2. when does this fixing will be finished?
  3. yes u killed my ranger with 6-9 crit in a row
  4. great? i dont agree this ur bone shield is turn off in 1 hit of my rogue and this happend ascetic----> +10 arena sword + +9 rondel of sudden doom bekapod-----> a random partner had lvl13 or lv12 swords without amps so necromancers arent OP
  5. lol u guys are lucky i opened 5 chest and 3 is empty no one can pass this emptyness8)
  6. i have a bad think about update when i make crossing the game crashes or be slow int. connection for 10-15 sec this time is very important to farm/hunt at labyrinth fix this bug pls thanks:)
  7. with 2 plus ten swords + lvl5 stealth= abouth 2500! with skill?:!
  8. bn bi arkadasima mage kastim her gorevi yaptim 11in ortasinda gecti irselnortha ve baktim ordaki paladin mage priestler falan da 11 lvldi
  9. 13lvl necromancer var mc tarafinda butun sari gorevleri bitmis ve illa da 11 levelin ortasnda ikinci adaya gectigini ogrenmek istiyorsan ticket atabilirsin
  10. yeni irklarin sari gorevleri 11levelin ortasinda bitiyor ve ikinci adaya geciriyor 12nin ortasini beklemeyin bosuna
  11. yes i agree with you many quests havent a name and i got nothink from surprise chest 3 in a row this is very sad think
  12. elfsen keser nie kesmicek ole bisimi var:D
  13. j2me dosyasina diyosan o dosya java script in uzantilarinin oldugu dosya
  14. in my opinion its typical noob action
  15. yes if you spend your skill point for that skill it will be efect for longer timesorry for my english:)
  16. no needed to skip boss quests that quests gives items and good experience for lvl up. i only wanted to ban disturbers like this kid because new players cant do their quests
  17. potion isnt a problem for mi only wanted to ban this disturber because new players cant do their quests this stupid low healer always downgrade their heal.
  18. he always made low heal to me and used my potions
  19. yes i see it u can kill it with another high lvl char click it and it will die before u relog game i do that quest with this way
  20. oyuna girebileceksin fakat yenilikler olmiyacak
  21. sanirim size 1 haftaya yakin 3.0 yok cunku apple app store uygulama yuklemeyi hizli gerceklestiremiyor
  22. Blackdead

    pandas team

    ana ekran tusu+acma/kapama tusuna 1-2sn basili tutunca olmasi lazm
  23. saat belirtmedikleri icin bisey diyemeyiz cunku gun daha bitmedi ve bu oyun genellikle aksam ustu 4-6 arasi guncellenmeye basliyor
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