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  1. so there isnt a problem my ranger has full revenge set and 2.1k hp and 27% critical
  2. already deathknights have 2 skill to stun enemie whatever you want
  3. full set isnt gives 4xhp bonus + 4xcritical bonus. Full bonus gives 1xhp bonus + 1xcritical bonus.
  4. warlockdan bahsesiyoruz necromancerden degil
  5. WTF 233k+792 sign on lvl2 char
  6. isnt it latest discount,is it? and urs only 7 more then me not much more:[
  7. maybe its permenant mute
  8. yanlis duasunuyosun hamstring arenada ise yarar sap ise farmlarda daha cok kullanilir sap hamstringden once gelistirilmesi gereken bir skill
  9. operatorun vodafone ise sms ile alamazsin nedenini bende bilmioyorum
  10. dodge vurma oranini azaltmak icin accuracy oranini arttirmalisin
  11. erikalt in banlanmasinda yardimci olabilecek bir foto
  12. maybe im hated by a few elfs and a lot of mcs(B2K i guess)
  13. he really banned for 2 weeks abouth 7 months ago. He was talking with others with using "Legionnn"
  14. They should add this with next update or maintenance
  15. lol u right if character is boy it must say HIS , if character is girl it must say HER. good analyze;)
  16. i agree with marsz im waiting for a reply to my ticket for 9 days
  17. gloves of berengars revenge aliyorum satan varsa bana ulassin Us-sapphire elf
  18. fatih eger ticket yazamadysan yardm ediyim aksam pm yolla bana oyundan yerdm gerekirse
  19. it isnt my problem if he hasnt any armor i only killed him when 15+ mcs atacking me
  20. lol what abouth mcoins on hassn:D
  21. try to kill me alone always kill 4vs1 *z*
  22. WTF? why closed again and thanks for giving exp for chosens
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