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  1. güzel haber diye buna denir  :yahoo:


    siz 4 healer 3 attckerla 2 healer pri druid tank heallick kalan 2 healer 2 atacker birer mob tutcak biz guardlarin orda 1 ranger 2 priest 1 paladin 2 druid hem guard kesip hemde bossun moblarini kesiyoruz
  2. no lv18 gears :( 762 heal 950 aura heal + sometimes 2k crit heal :(


    Wtf dont lie u cant heal 950 with aura already i do 949 heal with lv5 aura while using all highest astral magic items
  3. Aa are animated armors. Used to be in sanctuarys main chamber with the dragon fossil


    Astral lab boss quests are daily quests. must finish six shadows quest to unlock them


    and he must be 18+ lvl :facepalm:
  4. :facepalm: is karma a big deal? me and blackdead played with our smites before when we were stilll enemies smiting each other amost everyday . i have -18 and idgaf  :rofl:


    lol :rofl: :rofl:

    and change pool u arent king priest :clapping:

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