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  1. symbian has low ram (random access memory) thats why always diconnected when u cross land
  2. but i hope they must do something just like creating account here in warspear community site with a valid email address..
  3. i just want to suggest my idea for changing the account id once to avoid scammer/theft players. If you create new account you have given numeric account id.. And before changing once your numeric id to [email protected] etc. you must have first a personal email address and make your email address as your account id in warspear so that if you forgot your password you can easily reset it in support reset option. Because im wondering why my friend account was hacked and played by another player.. He doesnt give to anyone his id and password thats weird.. And another one of my friend told me that someone pm him and he tell his id and password and he was shocked because the pm of that player was correct that player is level 1.. He never tell his info to anyone.. Hope my idea can help because many of my friends are losing there account some are quit now.
  4. i cant open my char at ayvondil always crash.. But my other char i can open them who are not at ayvondil map.. Rip symbian :(
  5. omg i can open now.. Thank you
  6. i cant open my char who are in swamp it automatically exit the app when i click to play my hero but in other area like kotarava and irselnort i can open my char who is on that location im using symbian.. Hope u can fix the problem.
  7. symbian v3.12 u can download it here http://zafang.ru/file_storage/7b/b4/Warspear_Online_v.3.12.1_by_DANVIt_UA-sp.zip
  8. burning rage set is like killing whisper set
  9. im playing now symbian ver3.13 i off the sound, the world chat the trade chat but still the game automatically switch off when i go the other side of map or on swamp teleporter.. And when i on warspear again to play my hero which is on swamp to go kotarava its now dead. wtf..
  10. i think maintenance for changing tournament reward
  11. Ogag

    Asian sever

    SA-PEARL is asia server not eu-emerald
  12. symbian users are bored to play now unfair to those who have new skill
  13. Please can you make symbian phone user's non touch type phone make cursor move faster i mean the circle pointer that where the char move in place.. Because its so hard for us symbian users non-touch phone to take deal with touch phone type and pc user in arena.. For example your going forward and if you want to go backward you need to press back the dpad and its slow not like touch-type phone and PC users.. I think its better if you put adjustment to move fast or slow in menu settings about the pointer for us sympian non-touch phones.. Hope you get what i want to say/suggest.. Sorry for my poor english.
  14. i only play twice a week now because im getting bored :(
  15. Ogag


    fix warlock skill wtf in 5vs5 in arena with warlock stunning skill elves are hopeless.. All elves killed but mc's 5 team all alive no one killed.. This is not balance
  16. i quest all my hero at norlant 5days and choose steady at box 3 in norlant reward.. Why still enchant all i got at reward?! No special item?! gm said its a random!? Its that a random?!! or gm make me fool?!
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