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  1. duck the pvpranger, i had killed his pvpshaman using a lvl 16 priest. he isnt a pro player, his just a noob that makes a team for arena!
  2. Mc...let me ask you somethig: go and tipe on mcs stupid class forum, and not here! Kk? Because of you the dev had drop the blessing rate...because mc noobs cant win All THE TIME:@. If rangers have blessing as a SKILL MAKE IT WORK AS A REAL SKILL stop ducking with fb classes. Ik that all the old players had move on mc side and they wana make mc stronger that fb because they are mc..but duck them. I dont give a shit about the old players, new players are coming...they start on rangers, like all the mc. From my point all the mc are shit fb players, that had start on fb and gott stuck at lvl 12...cant kill snakes...or boars! duck the old players. The next update is close...guild will bring only war...in this point i dont see a balance in this game, all fb skills are shitt skils..the only good skill is blessing, and if blessing dont work100% all rangers are uslles in a war. So what?? You gonna make trap better?? For what?? To keep shamans, warlock and necromancer in 1 place?? So what?? Range classes in trap are the same as they arent in a trap, still can use skills and still can atack. and only the ideea of using trap or scatter is ducking grate one..if you use scatter your atack is stoped and your ranger start to move. This sucks man. Dev stop beeing mc beaches and make all the skills work 100%. If is a skill make it work, if not remove it. i am sick of this 35% of blessing.
  3. 1vs1 fight beach, not in arena 5vs5. i am playng on rangers since vs 2.0 of this ducking game. To use trap on range class is a stupid ideea..and this ducking scatter skill has the lows range..so you ccant use it on range class. Come again and tipe all the stunt skills range.
  4. so you wana dev drop blesing rate at 5%?? Do you know when rangers where op the only time in this history of the game?? Do you remenber that bug in the 3.0 update when ranger critical was 2k?? that was the only time when rangers was op. Rogue are more op than ranger 2,5k dmg using lvl 17 arena swords...i havent see the 2,2k dmg on rangers. Rangers have blessing as a skill, MAKE HIM WORK 100% BECAUSE IS A SKILL...if you dont make him fb has 1 more usless skill
  5. Wtf are you sayng about balance on rangers?? Rangers arent balance, they are pure dmg, low def, no suport. You know something: go duck youself mc noobs! I didnt see any sugestion on how you can kill an warlock using trap or scatter..only for shaman, duck the shaman! HIS A HEALEAR, NOT A FIGHTER. as you had sayd..ranger are bassed ONLY ON BLLESING and in the moment that dev had decreas blessing rate rangers have become the shites class in this game. In the last 2 months i had tested all the classes and from what i had seen a new player on ranger cant lvl up...only in 1 month. So now what?? Ranger blessing is low because mc beaches cant win all the time?? and my opinion is to make all skill at 5 skill points work100%, or drop them all like blesing.
  6. no shit beach..how about 1vs1?? Now that the rangers blesing is low???
  7. pls tell us your ranger name..because i have seen your name on mc side..not on fb!
  8. Isnt about the bow...start a new ranger and see how much blesing are you making..and dont use mcoins or hight amp. In 1vs1 rangers cant kill warlock. tell me...how can you use trap or scatter on warlock?? and about double or tripel dmg..ranger arent the op class in dmg, they are the op class in luck...if they have it. Why dont you, dev, make all the skills work 100% on all the clases?? To be onest i am sick of this one chance on skills.
  9. The stunt skill on paladins is greate..now you can kill the noob crossing and killing shamans. Just wait for them and stunt.
  10. ...you dont have time to sett the trap..and if you sett it..try kill a range class. You are DEAD for good.because enemy still atack in trap and hi still can use skills so...ranger ar stil class now. Befor the update my stat was make on critical+doge..and some acc..now you need hight acc that makes low critical...that makes rangers dead.
  11. Dev wtf are you making fun or rangers?? Wtf dont you make all the skills work 100% at 5 skill point. Because i am sick of using blesing and dont do shit. make all the skills for all the classe work 100% if it has 5 points at a skil...rangers are the noob class that is bassed on luck...you got 1 chance for blesing, 1 chance for evasion, 1 chance for trap..this sucks and makes rangers the lowest class of this game. And about the trap skill..is shit skill...trap at 3 and enemy still can cross the trap and the trap dont do shit. And how can i kill and warlock or shaman using trap and blesing that dont work?? Today i had pvp a noob shaman lvl 15..me lvl 18 ranger 5 on bow and full arena set.and still the noob shaman killed me...tell me all pro rangers htf are you using trap against range atacks?
  12. 1 ideea...make some revive items, like totems or..idk...and sell it on mcoins shop..this way, youl get more money.
  13. Can you pls make the rangers skills to work 100%...evasion at 5 still not working. If you will make evasion to work 80%, at least, rangers can start to farm. Rangers are the only classes that cant farm. And how come rangers stkills dont work at low lvls? Or, you can change evasion to onother skill..like arows enchant...with sun mag. I dont like when i use evasion and get only critical hits from mobs..and i miss, i have doge 15% and acc 15%...still dont get no doge
  14. Most of the mc are nobs and atack first in pvp cave.....blesing, blesing, blesing, i like ranger..but this hole blesing thing is...stupid.. Kk so the ranger makes 200 200 dmg(arena bow) and barb make 300 dmg (arena 2h axe)..rangers have 2k hp and 1,4 k def...full bg, and barb have 3k hp and 2k def full bg...so blesing rate is 50%, charge rate is 80%. In a ranger vs barb fight ranger have only 30-40% chance to win the fight, and the barb 60-70%. The mc side are to ....cowards, the can cross the fb land easy..and they still cry about the blesing...a skil that works only 50%. Idk how to put this but translate: atacul este probabilitatea castigului iar apararea este probabilitatea supravetuiri..in cazul asta arcasi nu pot nici sa se apere, nici sa atace..e o prostie sa iti fie frica de ceva slab si care nu functioneaza corect
  15. The rangers are toys. blessing rate at 50%..Is stupid to say that the rangers are op as long that the skills rate is low...low def..low hp..an lvl 14 barb hit my ranger 1k, and i was lvl 15 i had full bg and the arena bow at 5. Idk hows the op class on this game...as long that the other classes have higher dmg that a range, ranger are not op..ranger are only toys for mc
  16. kiting...is dead! You cant kite the new mc classes.
  17. no shit, try to lvl up a ranger no amp, is imposible...and the ranger blesing is 50%. Rogues, barb and shaman skills work 100%, make the mc skill rate 50% and they will quit the game. I want to see a rogue no stealh and a barb no charge:)...the main point is that the rengers skills never work..evasion at 5 and you get 40-60% and if you have your armour low that 4 you dont get no doge, blesing at 5 and you get 50-70% scatter at 5 you get 50-80%...only the ps works on ranger. And the mc skills...you make the statistic...but from what i saw mc skill rate is over 80-100%
  18. :aggressive: a lvl13 mob hit my ranger 600...how many partys i need to kil the dead traveller...lvl 13 mob near citadel. Pls fix this bug. And wtf is the arena shop from nadir?
  19. i have e63 and the same problem, if i use sound the game crash...dont use sound and put your phone on silent, you will have no problem playng
  20. dont use sound :facepalm: okk so the big problem is: this game is to big for symbian :aggressive: dev you need to try to make the items and a part of the grafic down...post them on server. Try to play the game no sound...wont crash :blush:sorry for my eng...
  21. Sesomaru


    :unknw: make a server time...add a clock under the mini map
  22. ;D if you make the ranger lvl 15..you are the king. :blush: on nokia e63 i have no problem crosing or another but. :blush: i stil have the 2.10 version of the game and stil...i have the critical hit :spiteful: i had play barb and rogue..and make then lvl 15 in 6 days, no arena and using potions..teleport on barb: use charge on the mob.
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