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  1. ik that..in this case i think that is a bug, i had played on my e63 an online game that had 50mb...and it was working smootly. Because now, after maint ws is workyng nice exept for rogues new skill tab, when you use the new skill the game closes no problems on necro, priest, bd, ranger. Low ram isnt that...at least you cant get a virus...
  2. Ws isnt working on symbian, the app is closing when you use the new skill on rogue and now is closing when i am tryng to log in. Idk...why dont you remove the sound file from the symbian version? the problem is that ws is to big for symbians phones...try to make a light version of the game. Any way symbian is R.I.P!
  3. again the same problems on symbian. you have to del 3.8 after that download 3.9 and instal. you have to try this stupid things for 6 to 15 time to instal the game. I had notice that on ovi store they stil have the old 3.7 vs...idk maybe aingrind is quiting in making the game to work on symbian...And 1 more thing..if you wana play this stupid game and speand your precios 50% of your live playng...you have to close the sound in the game...or the game will crash at every crossing..or youl spend more than 69% of the time on opening the game, loging in, crosing...and after that again openind the game, loging in and crosing again..this things makes me sad...so now ima playng a japan mmo for simbyan, cant read a fuking letter...but AtT LEST I CAN TO PLAY O STUPID MMO oN my phone.@
  4. ya realy sad...idk if you are a fool...but you are a fool if you spend your money, time and energy on a game and not on the real live...be a man and go and duck yourself, stop cryng and start working on something that will count. Warspear is a game, games are made to have funn, play..and kill other players not to spend money and your time on a stupid game. My question for you is: what you will win if youl be nr1 in warspear?? My point is...learn to have funn playng, dont work like a fool for something that is posibil to disapear in 1 sec.
  5. bd are tanks so they need hight dps, my points is that rogues are the one that are op. Still now no class is realy op because of the skill rate succes. Idk but why barbs are still the weakest class they have the lowest skill rate succes..i ant that happy with this situation, why dont you make every skill on all the classes to work 100%??
  6. Boring...20 min...that sucks! I wana a permanent minion..is nicer to lvl up a minion or to put costumes or other shit on a minion...till now all this minion thing is just a big failler. I guest that minions will be used only in arena fights...to use a minion in the swamp si a stupid thing...as long as you get killed at every 10 to 15 min. Idk but...that minions will be randomed...so is a chance to get a rabit or a rat or...idk a lvl 3 sheep for chosen...so not that intresting, any way you cant judge a food after how it looks..lest see what you had made this time. 1 more thing can you fix that server* problem...geting tired to be kiiled by bosse in astral
  7. Kk...so this only a story, me not that intrested in stories....i dont reali give a duck about minions...only if they could be succummbus or the unicorn...or some new mobs. And a scrol for minibos isnt that intresting...i wana a minion from lvl 1 and to have the posibility to make him lvl up and to make him stronger...and i dont like to chance things..not a good ideea to use a scrol and a minion will apear that will last 1h or 2h...if you wana make me happy give me a horse...or a sheep. It will be funny to kill players using sheeps or rats. can you tell us about a date of relising? Cant wait...and i need to lvl up my necro..his lvl 16 only:(
  8. Great, now mara isnt droping anyting...9kills no drops.not even sphere. and the funn part is that rogues are tryng to farm mara alone, killing the farm party. Idk but this is not funny. Why dont you add stealh on rangers?? So that fb can have a stealh???
  9. Mc playng counter terorist on aliance chat...
  10. Now everybody si cryng, seling, buyng, ducking, kiss assing on aliance chat..to many ppl speaking is boring. That ban it was good at something...it was better if you had made that bann only for aliance chat, not for all the chats. And hidra is 2,2 mil again
  11. kkk so 3 days ago a lvl 6 rogues was on good fame island. Idk but for mc is easy to reach gasphel or good fame island. Why dont you devs let maraksha like this...increasted drop rate..any way that qualitive amulet is good for rangers only..and now nobody plays rangers any more..let hight lvls farm maraksha to protect elfs t1..idk but when i had seen that lvl 6 rogue on good fame island i was blocked...is ducking funny how elfs land had become public space in the last 2 updates of this games. Is sad...i still miss the old good elfs players...now every mc can make fun of elfs is go duckyng funny to see a lvl 6 rogue..On GOOD FAME ISLAND.
  12. 5more calls and still...2,2 mil hidra. And i have 19 exp. come on do something!!!!!!!!
  13. Hidra still having 2mil hp. i havent see 1,4 hp and i had call hidra for 10 times today...and some others. Can you fix this??
  14. Sesomaru

    XD I HAVE 3.5

    del 3.4 from your phone then go ovi store from your phone browser. Ovi isnt working on others browsers..on uc web or mini you have to copy the download link and after that use that link to down.
  15. you cant take links from 1 server to other server. Better, if you have a nokia phone go on ovi store and download the 3.5 game..youl have world chat and others shits. I thing unity sing must be over 1 mil...isnt good if any player can get 1 and start a guild....but max nr of menbers in a guild is 15:(. Hey in 3.5 we have reviveal scrols.
  16. Vs. 3.5 it can be down from ovi store...i have it on my e63.
  17. Wtf is hapening??? Server droping at every 10 min@@@@ i am making a new priest and i had got killed 19k times till now. Cant you say to userses when you are working at the server?? Or close...this suckss:@
  18. Origen paladin de lvl 18...aproape 19. Joc pe us, pe eu am un paladin...dar nu mai joc pe el. eu am mai cautat romani dintre cei noi si mai stiu vreo 6 tot pe us. Ce ziceti de un guild pt romani?
  19. at this rate blessing is like having 80year and waiting for and erection. And about 3 hits in 1..that is....all clases have the same dmg in a period of time..rangers are the only class that cant make his full dmg..kkk, me a noob. I wana see you coming and posting the atack of all clases in a dmg/speed rate.
  20. Kk...so me a weack rangers..noobs..but i didnt see any ideeas about how to use trap or scatter on warlock...and that makes you idiots. come..your all pro players..i wana see some ideeas.
  21. At this rate blassing suks. And the game isnt balance, now that we have the new classes. do you remember in the back 2.0 when pegasus was playng on ranger?? i was playng on barb then...and all the mc was like: warr, pegasus and 4 strong elfs are coming this way! Make blessing work again becouse the game isnt balance..fb dont have stunt..in the next update youl see that what i am sayng is true. Guilds will bring war and war will be the end of fb..still mc are weack players. 2 days ago 2 partys had atacked camp riff..i was on paladin...and the fb was making fun on the trade chat: hey mc dont have wepons..they come to riff shops to buy wepons:). i miss the old times.
  22. In all this stupid game only tanks and healers have theyr power on theyr wepons, in killers class they are bassed on skills, NOT ON WEPONS...well only rogue..was when he was wearing heavy armor. This suks..and make the ballance game on mc side. Noobs and coward that kills low lvls, afraid of hight lvls and if they atack a low lvl...they atack and cross...COWARS. dev make blessing work or remove him.
  23. This is ducking funny. why the duck mc are posting in the fb forum?? Afraid of rangers to use theyr powers?? dev..you know something?? Better remove blessing, if you dont wana make him work100% and add speed and dmg on bow. i have the old arena bow... 3.2 speed, rogue have 1,7 on dagger. If il use crosbow..is fuking funny, you need +9 amp to kill a rogue that have +3 on his dagger.
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