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  1. sorry cant let you in unless you kill 20 mc at granite guard naked and using a level 3 weapon. sorry pal thems the rulez.. :tease:

    lol theres no ritual dude just be a paladin and kill MC help out younger paladins when you feel like it. or not, mainly be a paladin and kill mc. ;D



    ohh yeahhh, then, im in  :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: . Princefran, lvl 14. pm me questers and mc slayers  :yahoo:

  2. i can give u some popular mc names that always noob it at swamp, killing my poor chicken noob low amplifyed  with low level items non-pro ranger lvl 20 with cat outfit:





    grats guys, u and the mobs make the swamp a complete shit :facepalm:

    sum elf too :P ok i admit it, i joined the fun sometimes  ;D  u atemp to do stupid things when ur in groups

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