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  1. Welcome and see my poster, my army can kill lvl 20 bds with lvl 3 shaman, u should join me ;) ==================================================================
  2. hyper cool one killin hazywayze, i got an special hate about him lol, when i was not hyper high damager, i face him at arena, and he let me hit him without doin nothin before killin me, like sayin "see how hyper weak patetic non-pro poor damager u are" :diablo:
  3. i voted two month cuz i get item every two month
  4. I took screenshot of some arena result with my paladin, and with an hyper pro high skilled fast shooter legendary equiped instant killer destroyer ranger lvl 14, Zzinzzinzz. (he can kill u with lag and even disconected) First ones against cellghost and khanzel, hyper high enduranced deathknights ============================================ ============================================ (as im not an hyper presumed chicken bad looser mc, i uploaded a couple of looses) ============================================ against lvl's 15.... ( i hate that dam madfakqr noob cheater stupid hyper annoying bug) ============================================ and now, my favourite ones. we had the hyper great honor of facing the best mc after my hyper pro shaman lvl 3, ladygi and shadowtear: the most extrematly old enchanted hyper high enduranced and amped though high hp tanker hyper high damager arena conqueror dragon catcher barbarian, PACHACUTEC :yahoo: . (hyper unique draw, roula was with him) ============================================= ============================================= ============================================= ============================================= ============================================= ============================================ ============================================ ============================================= oh yeah, i luk gud 8) later i will post pic of me eatin mcs near t1 t2 and t3 btw i need help cuz idk how to make my post centered, pm me
  5. there is no specific times to kill mc. i go from nadir to armor cliff every day, killing all kind of mc i find in my way but hyper pro warlock or rouge or shaman lvl 17 - 20
  6. Hi this is my friend agustin and me farmin maraksha. its hyper cool btw, he got drop on the next kill we did :D
  7. is a good idea to create a pvp area, but it would be easier if Kernlabba, acidtrip, turtlefuk and elvanator get banned
  8. LMAO this comment get all the prizes hahahahahaha :rofl:
  9. i'll take screenshots too 8)
  10. OOHHH YEAHH COOL PIC :shok: in the first one i look fkin awesome :yahoo:
  11. barbarian... use agro then back to use stun. and DONT USE POTS
  12. my friend has druid lvl 14, and he only farms with me, and im paladin. beat 241 oh yeah :clapping:
  13. i help al little elfs, and i love to go near armor cliff to kill hyper little mcs ;D they die so fast ;D
  14. Panchen

    few tips

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA this tip is the best i ever heard :rofl:
  15. join my to rape all type of mc (all lvl) with my lvl 14, and take screenshot of lvls 19 runing like chickens :lol:
  16. Kernlabba = #1 pro ganker Manley ganked me too, but only my paladin princefran, because he came elf side when he was having her period, and started threating elfs, then i said "who's manley?" (just to bother him, cuz i actually know him). he got even more angry and ganked me at pvp. thats my story :friends:
  17. my talent is painting. PAINTING THE FLOOR WITH MC'S BLOOD 8)
  18. i kill him at arena too, he ignored me too. he might have ignore list full if he ignores every player that kills him :lol:
  19. finally a good idea, i'll work on some cool screenshots :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
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