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  1. thats mspaint not photoshop  ;D



    i make a video doing pvp with my hyper pro elf-slayer shaman lvl 3, so i can take screenshots from it and make a poster!!,,,,, and then people say that pvp is false and that im using photoshop.

    sooooooooooooooooo i make ANOTHER pvp with the same bd to record a video and upload it, so i can show that guy that that my poster is not photoshop, is only screenshots of a pvp video, and instead of admit that the pvp is true and that im #1 pro elf-slayer shaman lvl 3, you say IM USING PAINT!!!  :fool:



    what do i have to do to convince jealous people?? visit them at their houses and log in my account and play that pvp by third time with them next to me watching the screen??????  :facepalm:

  2. Heres a few of my arena battles :blush: :


    my hyper pro elf-slayer and eye slayer shaman lvl 3 panchens 8) , doom sword seller and owner of the most legendary healing weapon (old staff with astral enchant :clapping: ) and wearer of the most hyper unique great impenetrable armor (torn clothing +5 energy and sun def enchant :clapping: ) terror of the rats and rabbits :diablo: , #1 pro boar disturber and ale drinker :drinks: ,,,,,,, could kill your warlock in one hit unarmed with lag :aggressive: without any of my pro items equiped with all barbs and warlocks and necros and dk stuning me and all shamans casting their eartquakes on me 8) , and with eye and all their adds hiting me at the same time, all of that with my eyes closed while eatin a banana sandwich and listening to the beatles in a disco :yahoo: at 6 am in a saturday after drinking 28 tequilas :drinks: .............



    Опубликованное фото



    you warlock is still very good and looks hyper cool with that panda  :good:

  3. you need nothing to get a drop, just being inside the party who kills the boss. its about luck, sometimes nobody get a drop in 20 kills. hapened to me to get 3 drops in 4 kills. i think the perfect amount of players to farm a boss is 2, 3 or 4

  4. 1. Lvl 3 with lightning lvl 5?

    2. A rock on first and second pictures changes his position more than other one

    3. U realy pro on photoshop :D


    what will you all say now? i cant wait to see what stupid excuse u make only because you dont want to admit im the most hyper powerful pro shaman in all sapphire server


  5. I don't play the crazy US where lv20 nooby bds get killed by "pro" lv3 shaman ;D You are possibly spammer Check for viruses


    that noob bd lvl 20 can kill all ur charactes together in one hit unarmed with lag. just acept it. im hyper pro and ur jealous. i will make lvl 3 druid to kill ur rogue.

    about the moon and sun def, im hyper pro against all type of player. moon def for druid/shaman, sun def to tank lambert and pvp mage/priest. armor amp +5 to tank aa and to kill lvl 20 ranger.

  6. The bd had 50helth? And the u killed him? :tease:


    let me introduce u to the universe of hyper pro legendary players: my shaman farms eye solo, i have more gold than all the players in all the servers together, and thats because of the extrematly high amount of doom swords i got farming eye. i can kill 100 lvl 20 rangers by myself, and i mean all of them together. i said 100? sorry, i mean 1000. (i kill 1k rangers lvl 20). i have the most efective healing weapon and the most powerful legendary hyper unique armor in all the servers (and other items too)



    Опубликованное фото



    i can kill you in one hit, unarmed, with my eyes closed, without skills. i can kill you with lag, with eye and all lab adds hiting me. i can kill you even while dc.  :aggressive:



    hope u get it :)

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