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  1. Instead of the OP shaman id say the BD was a pretty noob snowman so to fight at 200~ hp and also just watch and not ham at the opponent  :blush: :blush: . Kinda freaky video though  :good: Опубликованное фото



    he is hyper cool pro skilled highly enduranced hyper op fast hitter pro dodger master murderer bd lvl 20 with hyper cool snowman outfit, but im best player in all servers, thats why he died

  2. It would be super troll if I found out those pics were fake or from someone else. I must confess I got super happy when I saw them at a different profile, but it was her sister :(

    Not a total fail tho ;D


    whats the damn point with doing this? u are sick

    Okay mate. You won't get far by copying other people style. You think you are cool and hip by playing the pseudo-best? I would prefer to wear g-strings than to call you good (on a side note, they are pretty comfy).


    everybody has an unique style, but eyit is like an hibrid bad-made presumed lol post gif go go go
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