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  1. y u no try to name urself Vladimirputin here an see wat happens?
  2. yup sum druid called Pimplywars
  3. cmon ! it's friday friday gotta get down on friday ! everybody's lookin forward to the weekend weekend !
  4. -the lady living next door.. she got bitten by the love bug ! -aww really? did she fell in love? -nope, she got her thingy full of crab lice
  5. -did you hear bout the guy who had his left arm and his left leg cut off? -no.. -that's ok, he's all right now !
  6. wow i liked it lots ! specialy Number 6, full dodge or full parry builds can be onlyreached if you are a blade dancer or a rogue.
  7. how did Pinocchio realize he is made out of wood?
  8. two frends talkin.. -hey.. so how's ur daughter doin? -she's doin great! found a new job, got her salary increased, boss bought her a car, a new house near her work place.. but hey! what bout your daughter? -hyper sluty like yours but less lucky !
  9. bornito = not bornito not not bornito = gonE not not bornito gone = panchens dusn succed guessin who wil post next panchens goes on rage mode panchens buly an trols al al go on rage mode al buly an trol... bornito
  10. ok can you make a special topic only to post #1000 posts?
  11. NO wen should i start worryn bout wer to post my #1000 post?
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