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  1. To mute.. or not to mute? Woaah! This sounds like another amazing question related to our most beloved topic in this forum: #warspearphilosophy !
  2. It reduces: damage from normal hits, damage from critical hits, chance of being criticaly hit (all of this against PLAYERS) Not sure bout mobs tho :c someone with enough free time should let a mob hit him/her 100 or 200 times with 0 resi, and then using resilence items, and see what happends.
  3. Julia ! commander and the leader Livi ! she is the joy and the laughter Poley ! and she's the toughest fighter powermods save the forum ! fighting drama, tryn to save the forum here they come just in time, the powermod girls ! Oh no ! it is the mad Fuzzy Swazy ! watch out ! and the repulsive Yushito ! get him ! it's the evil Maili powermods save the forum ! fighting drama, tryn to save the forum here they come just in time, the powermod girls !
  4. things got a bit tense here so i'll post this picture of a horse, a powepuff girl and two demons
  5. me before pvpin lv10 pala.. he lost an couldn't even attack !
  6. that one with a farting harry potter ! do you like frogs and snails?
  7. In the FUTURE, casturs will be able to use one handed staves They might be called ORBs. Panchen, 02-27-2016 I'm gonna quote this message on the news' section when the Orb's update is announced.
  8. MC SIDE ! EU-Emerald ! Send a message to Panchen ! BUYING this cloak ! pm Panchen ! !
  9. didn't get over excited posting bout himself
  10. won't have his own henhouse when he buys a new haws
  11. doesnt badly want to find panchen's pala in his team at random arena
  12. Once moar, we're backie to our most exciting and interesting topic! #warspearphilosophy that fish! does it jump when nobody is looking?
  13. dat percussion ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETcZx2TiTdw
  14. wow dragonsky pro lv11 arena char dragonskype much level upness drangonkeys pro like Xmk
  15. perhaps quests like sancutarys of constelations, or blood of puma clan should reward energy/ethereal craft materials. Those quests seem to be ded
  16. don't forget bout Roland's Sad Balad
  17. So deez is me inside yushito's "pvp zone".. tree too skerd to fight me! elven forces are hiding under teh effect of invisible ink, dont ever dare to think this place is dead !
  18. Panchen

    Logic game

    why didn't you start with this? ^
  19. Panchen

    Logic game

    Well... i use the runes/crystals i get from Norlant Swamps and daily chests to get Crystalization III and Runes ABCs III done, so i need to keep trash items in my bag to use those enchants. I was just trying to figure out a way to keep the less items possible in my bag.
  20. Panchen

    Logic game

    Fine, edited. Start again !
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