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  1. Did not get that part. What you mean is that the Cooldown stat will not affect Expert skills anymore? Can we be informed before the update about the specific maximum each level is going to have? If the amount i own exceeds the maximum set for my level will i lose the ones i have? I hope that the maximum is atleast higher then the maximum obtainable each arena tournament. For example as a lvl 22 characters you can get a maximum of 33k imperials per tournament.
  2. Daggers are 1.7 Swords 2.0 So if i have 70% atk speed which is the cap Daggers will be 0.51 / Which means it'll hit almost twice a second And Swords 0.6 Is that correct? Or once you reach 70% every weapon has the same attack speed?
  3. Are we still getting the usual Spring event? With the 1 players dungeons and all that. Or this year will we get only the update? Is there a date for the release? Last year the spring event began on march 6th. I'd like to know if a mod or a player that has seen mods answer this questions before can help me out.
  4. I remember reading somewhere Reivenorik saying that we are still going to get new rewards for arena soon. Is that true? If it is,i would suggest it to be a belt . Hopefully not weapons, considering it would be unlikely that those weapons would be balanced for all classes, with boosted stats it would probably benefit dmg classes a lot. AiGrind should also add cosmetics to buy with that currency (weapon skins and costumes), that would give players a reason to keep participating, even if only getting low positions to increase currency . it woul
  5. Some of the achievements seem to have a rather unfair value, considering the difficulty it takes to actually achieve them. Crafts should be Mythic, it is atm at lvl 20 cap, which is really a lot of work to reach , and its probably the achievement that takes the most work in the game atm. 100 wars should also be mythic, or atleast heroic, it takes a huge amount of time to get that. The achiements to get all tier of materials by dismantling itens should be Heroic, considering the difficulty to get those. Reaching 5k rep should be heroic. T2 for
  6. Give us a cross server Annual PvP Event It would not affect the main game, would work like the test server, all applicants download it and login, and participate in a 2x2 competition, with their characters but on a different server, made just for that competition, online for a limited time frame. There should be the exact amount of teams for each server, to participate on the Group Stage of the competition. There should be some requirements to apply to make sure all active pvp players would have a chance to participate, maybe having atleast gotten 3rd place
  7. Here are some more options @Reivenorik @Morgana
  8. As i said, making a new and creative costume, thats arena related, like a gladiator, or anything new really, just not copy and paste of the same costume for 5 tours in a row. The developers of this game have a decade of experience with this game format, they should be able to develop and polish a simple costume pretty easily, and would not hinder the other projects they have in progress atm. So to me it just makes no sense why they would literally just paint the costume/change the cloak instead of making something new. Atleast every 2 tournaments
  9. Can we actually get a new costume, thats actually new and creative, and not some lazy reskin/recolor? How hard can it be? A gladiator costume or something arena related
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