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    hornig got a reaction from Omercix in [2018.02.15] Spring Moon Festival has come to Arinar! Survive the Nian and get astonishing prizes!   
    People will find out how to defeat this cat sooner or later... And yes, I'm agree with the poison that will kill afk people 
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    Unbind scroll? I like it. +1!
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    Has been suggested before and I totally agree xD
    It's 'unbind' not unblind
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    Hi everyone
    I and some other "free" players, also have valuable items that are not useful to their lvls, but can not sell, because the unbind is really only done if you have Miracle coins in your account, that the Unbind scroll be like a parchment of life was made.
    Sorry for English
    Volldemort, TU
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    hornig reacted to Higgings in HUNTER BUILD: LV18 TO LV26   
    It is a must if you base your char to PvP. Otherwise, make stance to its max level. 
    Since you did it already, consider to make shot to 5/5. Adding then a Relic of Indomitable Blow (+20% critical hit) might result in a very nice ammount of dmg.
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