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  1. I have a problem with creating my character!! Since update v3.0 i cant write my new characters name as to.create him....please tell me.what i do wrong
  2. What makes you so sure?? :yahoo:
  3. I.absolutely agree this game has not good and bad players but those that pay and those who dont. Like most mmorpg games its free, but you pay to be one of the best players... :facepalm:
  4. 150 signs for +7?? :wacko: :facepalm:
  5. I think its a good idea but i dont agree with respawn. Who will spend hours searching marakasha in meadows like relic??? Also i dont like the idea of distarbing us in cities. Mood is good. Angry will mean stronger etc 8)
  6. Hmmm you may be right......i had a bug tooI was trying to sell a ring for 2k and when i was pressing sell it did nothing. After update 2.10.2 i sold it normally without bugs.... :wacko:
  7. Sorry bro but if.you press put into bag you take the gold...i sold pots yesterday ..and took money :sorry:
  8. Its not sure someone attacks you...if you have pots or healer nearby you never die :)
  9. I dont know but did you pressed "put into bag"? If you dont, you wont take the gold... Sorry for.my poor english ::)
  10. For those people who voted "different classes" i should explain.that i mean different kind of classes. E.g. you dont want priest but sth else... In class changes has to do with skills, appearence etc... I.agree with all of you about the friend list...devs should hear...And a lot of.people want changes in arena..... 8)
  11. Dont you play at emerald with mc? I am not sure but i know you Sulla
  12. I once lost a twisted baton from +1 to +2..but i upgraded my arena armor to +5 without.signs... :rofl:
  13. manosGior

    Best Bow

    What about longbow of Abyss Zealots?? Also, i saw a bow which does 400 damage normal.... :shok:
  14. I.spend 10 signs to ample my mask and it was never upgraded...its still +6 . However, i used 10 signs to ample my boots from +0 to +7 !!! ;D How the hell it works?? :bad:
  15. I agree....we need all these stuff from chat only... ;D plus arena, plus market, plus plus..... :rofl: Devs have a lot.of work.to do...
  16. As i see 40% of people voted will rarely play old classes. Personally, i.will do only arena battles to gather ar. points ....
  17. I agree ...paladin tank with priest or mage will hunt much more better...deathknight with necro or warlock is the same.... 8) .....but i still.believe ALL current players will create a new char
  18. I made this poll in order to hear all people's thought. I please devs hear that and change some.things. Also, all players should.vote.and.write.what they want....
  19. I dont have all.this problems but think they will fix them :yahoo:
  20. I was hunting a.a with 18+ lv players and i am 16.... I.was.taking spheres or nothing but others expensive cloaks etc....So, it has to do with level
  21. I think current classes mc and elves will be nothing against forsaken or chosen.....Admins should improve them otherwise none will play mc or elves again...All people will.create warlocks, paladins etc...
  22. >:D Agree cant put items.into chat and need more time to write
  23. :shok: If i undrestood, you want to create a very good character...but if you ask us, and do what we say , this will not be your char but ours...
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