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  1. There are 2 elf melee classes. Bd and paladin.

    Bd has ranged hamstring.

    Paladin has chains.


    Threads of darkness is half an hr cooldown

    Rogue can get detected by their skills

    Charge can fail


    Lol yall had ya fun during the ranger era.

    Now ya sad bc warlock is the new op ?  :pleasantry:


    Hamstring can also fail, and FOJ need to be up close to target which is hard cause warlock :crazy:

    And when were we talking about rangers? We talking about melee. We not have "era".


    he obviously means elf melee that cant pull people or go invisble to stun, or charge someone from far away. he means skills that only disable skills and movement (IF u get close enough to use it, that is impossible when ur oponent has 2 stuns and 2 stager dmg skills)


    See, this guy knows where im comin from.
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