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  1. Shadowtear had that first i thought?
  2. Forum is full of you two fighting... Nasty, deal with your problems in a different way, like talking to Coolcat personally instead of being immature about it and posting all about it so everyone can see. You're obsessed with making him look like such a bad player which he is not, and neither are you, I'm just tired of seeing you two fighting all over the forum.
  3. Whats the highest crit enchants you can get for items? Ive seen 9 harmony on one ring :shok:
  4. Lol I thought there was something weird about this ;D
  5. Nice idea, but should start with 1 sword or something, cause no one will fight in the beginning any ways with no weapons or anything.
  6. Hamstring can also fail, and FOJ need to be up close to target which is hard cause warlock :crazy:And when were we talking about rangers? We talking about melee. We not have "era".
  7. Sange im not talking about him or how much accuracy it decreases, im just talking about the ones who dont know what the skill is called. Lol
  8. Lol rogues dont even know their own skills ;D
  9. See, this guy knows where im comin from.
  10. Warspear is ruined. Melee have no chance, absolutely 0 chance against a warlock. Unless somehow they magically dodge every single attack and crit every hit, there is no chance. Good job devs :fool:
  11. Alt+Print Screen, then copy into paint
  12. Flash Strike to 5, Hamstring to 5, then Sap until you can get it to 5 :)
  13. EU cave so much better than ours. Much respectful player there in EU.
  14. I am still going against PT's in arena when I go random... This a bug?
  15. In Sapphire. Buying Lv 17 Astral Armor. Pm any of my character :)
  16. How are little lv 6 supposed to play in volcano arena? They die of volcano damage before enemy damage ;D
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