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  1. Anyone with 5 fear and circle lmao.
  2. Kupidoll

    In Game Chat

    It's pretty bad to say anywhere. But they shouldn"t use the word if they don't know what it truely means.
  3. Kupidoll

    In Game Chat

    Wow, you don't even know what word that means :rofl:
  4. I used more then 4 set just for +6 lol.
  5. Yeah you can't scream WAR or CHAINLESS BOSS in tc anymore, you'll have mc blocking it then ;D
  6. Random happenings in US-Sapphire o.O
  7. Chronoz was on during this lol ;D
  8. WAR *After we war on their caravans, MC stand at bridge and call it "war".
  9. Like Legionn said, in a quest after this you get to choose a bow for a reward. His answer is not useless, he was kind enough to reply so give him some respect.
  10. It depend on size of your phone screen i think. My screen: ;D
  11. Shadowtear, MC are the overpopulated now.
  12. I miss the music!!!! :cray: :cray:
  13. Should we kill him on sight for you? >:D
  14. Im not even gonna stoop to your level and get involved in drama you're trying to start, keep it in the cave. Good luck.
  15. No, Muertelati is definately a ganker, he even came to 2nd spot and ganked everyone.
  16. Nawh, it says priest, zoom or look closely :P
  17. Or this, going random and facing against OP party, they said they fixed this but no? Its very unfair. I also had 0 damage, cant see name.
  18. Last alive, 3v1, still won :dirol:
  19. I used photobucket, sign up its free, then upload your picture to there and there should be a link section beside the pic, use the IMG code and copy and paste it to your signiture.
  20. Huge war, on sapphire :dirol:
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