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  1. Dev this is so unfair! three lvl 18, one lvl 17 and one lvl 16 on enemy team. My random team one lvl 17(me), one lvl 16, and three lvl 15................. >:D
  2. Dafuq is happening to the players in the background in third picture :shok:
  3. Stop saying how elves are so much more overpopulated. The sides are pretty much even now. If you want more numbers just go to the "pvp" cave and you will find it full of mc doing war, there's where you're missing the numbers.
  4. Does quests to level 50 will kill me :wacko:
  5. Kupidoll

    Skill build

    My preference Heal, Shield, Tears.
  6. Bro you cant say that elves are overpopulated now, the sides are pretty much even now.
  7. Yeah the fee should be high cause it's risky buisness ;D
  8. I know, 7k for a dexterity crystal :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: Max is like 3k
  9. No Priest option? :wacko:
  10. Mecha why you keep complaining how elves kill you everyday? Its call Warspear, they are supposed to do that.
  11. For some reason mc get off on holding an empty cave that serves no purpose.. :wacko:
  12. Kupidoll

    i quit

    Gl with new job :give_rose:
  13. Damn vcut :( good try :friends:
  14. Sad to see Machote ganking with Hopzz.
  15. Post your first ever screenshot you took of playing warspear Mine :pardon:
  16. Mostly every mc is ganker, just dont go cave.
  17. I know who ur mc is :blush:
  18. Yeah, I would really like to see the fights :clapping:
  19. If MC/Saken can block those bridges I will give them props ;D
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