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  1. His dodge and block would be shit though.

    Not worth stacking HP, pointless if you're gonna lose your stats and your regen too. That time in arena when your enemy runs and your HP regen is 20, goodluck with that, and +54 hp is quite useless compared to 18 HP regen.

    My Rogue and DK uses 0 HP runes too.


    It's not all about PvP though, that could be his farm set. :good:
  2. DEAR DEV,

                People waste countless hours, standing around in a location. WAITING for an enemy to come by, HOPING for a CHANCE to 1x1.... L O L....currently 1x1 is very hard to accomplish, people have made up silly imaginary game rules in certain locations, rules like each person signal then go... This however, is easy to ruin for any free will ganker like myself to simply attack a red name :rofl: . I currently play by your rules.. which are: YOU CAN ATTACK A RED NAME IF YOU SEE IT  :diablo: .. so to get around this, a duel option in nadir, which is a safe zone! Meaning all enemy names are white, Non Attackable or to make another safe zone and add a duel option, like in the so called pvp cave ..would be nice.... BUT, I understand that if people could duel... when you charge for tickets.. You would lose alot of money, because who would do 2x2 or 3x3 or 5x5, if we could stand around and duel all the time..... :wacko: . only takes minimal games to gear up, then arena is pointless.. unless you want rank, which  in warspear, is based off of MOST GAMES PLAYED, no skill involved for high rank,  NO SKILL, Just MONEY and TIME....  :(  This is because you award points for losing...this is highly unorthadox and not seen in any other game ive played.. RANK 1 should not be held by a baddie with 60% win ratio.. LOL!!! :tease: 

          Anyway DO YOU NOT LIKE MONEY? because I cant imagine the amount of freaking money you would make off of arena ticket sale if you incorperated 1x1 demand!!! if you think 1x1 does not equal arena due to NON TEAMPLAY, then create 1x1 demand and call it DUEL instead, and Make new mcoin item Duel tickets!!! LOL PLEASE DO SOMETHING, TAKE A VOTE IM PRETTY SURE 99% of pvp community would vote YES for 1x1 demand, or duel option :)  We play your game, dont you want us to be happy? dont you want your game to be better? More popular? Thanks for reading this if you did  :facepalm:


    Step 1: create 1x1 demand  :aggressive:

    Step 2: DEV BECOME BILLIONAIRE'S  :drinks:  CHEERS !


    The Notorious Ganker, Kernlabba

    Level 20 Shaman - U.S. Sapphire


    Get with the program :facepalm: :


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