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    Its not that hard, you just go to t1 and teleport to swamps :lol:
  2. **** now it's weekend and devs don't do anything on game on weekends :facepalm:
  3. It seems to only be 0 if your skill level is lvl 5. It is happenning with ranger's and some paladin's heal skill and hamstring/sap.
  4. Tweak is too OP, i must use 3 characters on him :blush:
  5. Boring... Borin... Bori... Bor... Bo.... B... zzzzzzzz
  6. Stop saying where new spot is... Or he will go there too :facepalm:
  7. Can someone tell me what this is for/drops :unknw:
  8. Good video for devs to see how they messed up balance :crazy:
  9. It's not all about PvP though, that could be his farm set. :good:
  10. LMAO at the second pic, last line :rofl:
  11. Dont take this up on forum? Solve your personal problems a different way instead of publicizing them for all to see.
  12. I played one arena and beat him and after:
  13. Get with the program :facepalm: : http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=72496.0
  14. Happen to me too. I have the newest version of iOS.
  15. Most red bosses on second island.
  16. Lol there's actually a porn video? I thought that was just a crude joke :lol:
  17. We are in need of this, war in cave like every 20mins ..
  18. Went to "pvp" cave. Got gank banged. Logged off.
  19. I think Tpain should be in 2nd place because he was the only one to win against yins. Then plisk and so on.
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