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  1. Pvprange #1 pro copycat: http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=83474.15
  2. She run till draw :unknw:
  3. THEY'RE EVERYWHERE :mega_shok:
  4. Meanwhile on US, all but 2 people in top 10 are boosters :facepalm:
  5. I dont even call it "pvp cave" anymore.
  6. Dev do something about this bull****. She ran the whole time with full hp its so annoying!
  7. No that's my friends char and he thinks it's you? So I dont want him ganking her, but idk the story between u and him :P
  8. Herobrine that's not Ladygi, so don't touch her
  9. Glad to see you bringing something fun into the game :clapping: Nice job!
  10. Kupidoll

    New password?

    Hi, I got an email that said the 'forgot password' function has been applied to your account. But I never clicked this... Do I have to reset my password or what?
  11. Kupidoll

    Forum LAG

    Yes very slow, dev please look at problem.
  12. I got +7 on staff with 3 signs.
  13. After Veteran: "Elite" ... That's all I can think of :P
  14. Look who's back >:D And... :crazy: :facepalm:
  15. PVPRANGE #1 PRO DRAMA STARTER :aggressive:
  16. Before: After: Good times with good friends :drinks:
  17. Kupidoll


    Someone wants in b2k :lol:
  18. In the future I dont see how anyone will be able to do chainless
  19. Maybe this will help :lol:
  20. If you have the picture saved try upload it to here: http://www.postimage.org/ Then choose to resize it to avatar (100x75) Then when it's complete save the new resized picture and try putting it on here. Worth a try.
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