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    I feel you man, I try to get +5 with 1 set, all failed :bad:
  2. Kupidoll

    bugs v3.0

    One of the Chosen faction's quests called "Counterattack" shows the wrong map markers on the part where you have to lay 4 decomposed bodies to rest, it points you in the complete wrong cave. I had to ask multiple people what to do for it :facepalm:
  3. Well now I'm stuck at level 6 because I have no quests except for that "Quest isn't found" which I can't do :(
  4. On the Chosen side when I reached the town Halenvolt one of the first 3 quests you get is "Quest isn't found". ( I am level 6 ) Is this a bug? Anyone else have it?
  5. Another change is that the creatures that players can spawn at Ghost Village go away much quicker making it easier to get to Gwido :good:
  6. Kupidoll

    Map Bug

    After the recent update the right section of my map of Irselnort shows that I have not explored it, but after the update I have explored it twice and then after I log out/close the game it goes back to the unexplored colour...? Why is it doing this?
  7. On Elf side the CC Weapons in Nadir were over 4000 cost :facepalm: :facepalm:
  8. Kitty what's wrong with this clan??
  9. Where did the CC armor shop go that was in Riff?? And the prices are crazy on the CC Weapon shop in Nadir :facepalm:
  10. Looks like the bladedancers aren't as doomed as I thought because of the update 3.0.0. It seems that they have increased health, damage, Health regeneration, and the Hamstring skill now does bleed damage too which is pretty powerful. So now us BD's might stand a chance against all the new classes! ;)
  11. Thanks for the boost to the Bladedancer class, really needed ! :clapping:
  12. It doesn't take skill.. it takes a good internet connection.
  13. Kupidoll

    Android bug

    Apple Ipod Touch IOS 5.1.1 Warspear 2.10.0 After linking item to chat, cannot write after or the game will crash
  14. Kupidoll

    Future of bd

    How do you know what skills the new classes have?? :shok:
  15. Barbs do have the edge on BD though because of the shield which gives them better defence and more health. I lose more often to a shielded barb than a 2h one.
  16. I play on ipod touch and when i link something to chat and try to write something after it, it turns white(as if its normal writing) and when i push send my game crashes
  17. Hello, as you can tell my name is Kupidoll, you might have seen me around in which i am in the pvp cave regularly. I would appretiate it if i could join the Anonymous clan and fight along side with you. :drinks: Cheers BLADEDANCER : LEVEL 18 US
  18. LOL this fails on an epic level, you have 3 character slots so you can make DIFFERENT characters.
  19. They should get rid of all the bats in pvp cave, they are so pointless and just get in the way. Who agrees?
  20. Need to do something to help out the bladedancers instead of druids and rangers all the time, we are falling behind everyone.. Should get higher defense or higher parry chance or something like that.
  21. need to hurry up with the iOS update, stuck on playing on the pc :bad: :facepalm:
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