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  1. Im having trouble connecting with IOS, only sometimes though. Please fix.
  2. Mostly mc do all the ganking, elf just do mini war every once in awhile.
  3. Cant farm when server like this :(
  4. I was half way through level 15 and now after today i got to level 17 ;D
  5. It's a 5v5 kinda night ;D
  6. It is on more then just this tree. Other trees on the island do it too.
  7. Send to apple to get approved early, so we dont have to wait and fall behind, because thats not fair at all.
  8. I think it only reduces damage of magical attacks, not physical.
  9. Why is it unfair??? Apple users barely get to play warspear because of long wait time. So dont call this unfair without considering that you actually get to play the game.
  10. This is a mobile game, yet they do everything for PC first :fool:
  11. Lol Devs actually listened to me :cray: :yahoo:
  12. Thats why I posted that they should make aura work in arena with your arena partner, its pretty much a party anyways :search:
  13. Uhm what does that have to do with this post?
  14. Kupidoll


    I love prices now, I gotta get workin on my priest cause prices are crazy... 900g for lvl 17 priest cape, 1500g for lvl 18 priest amulet ;D
  15. MC's rivaling elfs now for most populated :bad:
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