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  1. And now full list of fixes in details:


    Priest ("Elusive threat" skill)

    - now it's not working on any bosses

    - chance of success for this skill is increasing with every new level (of skill) in PvE, 100% chance of success for PvP

    - cooldown time was increased from 20 to 22 seconds


  2. I've finally decided to quit this game.

    There are many reasons why I have made such a huge decision,


    For 1; The only thing that was left to do that was fun was PvP, but since the "pvp cave" was overun and the nadir spot, there's really no where to do it. And yes I know there is Ghost Village but no one goes there regularly. So devs I hope one day you implement Born's suggestion http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=72496.0 or else you will lose more players (customers) due to this.


    Secondly; So many of my old friends have left the game already. The ones I quested with, farmed with, spent many hours with, are gone and it's hard to find new friends like that because of swamps basically. Now theres no need to farm, and the quests are all pretty much solo quests in random places.


    And lastly; The amping system. The only thing that can describe it is :facepalm: I've spent so much money on this mobile game and none of it was worth it.


    The game has just lost it's fun from when I first started it. Not knowing anything about it and figuring it out as I went. But now I know basically everything, everyone, and its just not fun anymore.

    So, so long everyone and thanks to the people I met and the good times we had. And to everyone else, good luck. 


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