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  1. Yup you must start doing daily(blue) quests now
  2. man 49.99$! they really need to have a look on this
  3. youre right, we really need hydra back, even if it comes with 80k hp
  4. Hi guys, I'm not so good at editing but I thought I must try and participate in this contest. It was really difficult to make it on phone and especially on small pixels but I tried my best, I hope you guys will like it Description - As you can see the guy is wearing black mask, black jacket with orange outlining, black pants and orange shoes with yellow lines. I didnt feel like making a female version of this because both, male and female can wear this costume. Feel free to tell me if you want to add something to it and if you liked it or not :)
  5. This is really disgusting i hope mods will take action soon! but what made him say all those things?
  6. you can unbind most of the costumes named in white colour, like Snowman, Wedgehead, Serpent, Greench etc ..
  7. Taara

    Unholy Guard

    Nice work good luck dude
  8. no dear, it depends on boss. only lab bosses will drop level 18 things , or u can get them as rewards from nortlant swamps. it doesn't depends on your level , if u are hunting with level 1 character in lab u would still get level 18 things :P
  9. so I got runic Arbalest last night n was wondering for how much it can be sold ?!
  10. Sorry you're late, mdea sold me one :P
  11. spamming trade chat since half hour n no one is interested in selling me a book ! if u are willing to sell me one inbox me on forum or contact me on game, I'll be online on my bd - Taaara
  12. Let me know when you make a list of noob shamans.
  13. lol nice to know that ladygi was also like me :P I used to select cloth armor too, for my bd (quest rewards)
  14. Taara

    Support help (2)

    Yup it completely depends on your question. Recheck what you've sent to them , if you think you've wrote all the required points needed to help you then wait for 2-3 days. if you don't get reply then resend the email again, and this time be more specific on what your problem is
  15. hello, genie will give u level 13 staff and amulet I guess, and kratt cloak + rings, dinalt belt, rings, gloves and maraksha armor n shoes.
  16. I would go for 5 shield or 4 tears n 4 shield
  17. Let me share my experience with warspear when I was new, im playing this game since October 2011, I had no friends when I was new, that time there was an initial quest in which u had to equip the weapon by yourself, so I did that quest I don't remember how, but I didnt knew how to equip that staff :| I wasn't even aware of what a staff is :| it was in my bag for so many days. whenever I used to get time to play this game I would try to do my quest n kill mobs, and whenever I tried I always used to die and logout , because I didnt even knew these small things about this game, and there was nobody who could explain me all this, later on one guy saw me killing mobs without staff and he instructed me how to equip it his name was azequal , I still remember ya buddy!! it was my first character or US named startaara , I didn't played it much n made new character (bladedancer) on emerald server. I found many good friends over there, especially from my country. I reached irselnorth n I was I guess level 12 or 13, one of my friend saw my attack of flash strike n asked me what level is it? n I started thinking what the hell are skill points now? he laughed at it and then helped me to assign my points :) anyways game is still the same, there might be thousands of people like me who left the game just because they didnt knew some small initial things which they have to do on this game, so there's a huge request to admins to think on Noah's suggestion and try to implement them.
  18. Most awesome n helpful suggestion I've ever seen! I just hope mods will have a look on this awesome topic
  19. @reaper oh hello! im his best , no bestest ever friend. I've rights to defend him more than he has
  20. @ Reaper and what about him? he's abusing Noah's family then what should I do? if he doesn't gives respect to others he wont get respect too
  21. lol you're really a big loser, bloody Arab
  22. Ok finally im here to reply on this very important topic :| I completely agree with Noah pa. even I wanted to invited my family friends and other people to this game but it is so uncomfortable to play when people use such type of language on chat areas or names. I already told Noah that there should be a system on warspear which will show abusive things as stars (*****) in chat areas and it wont accept abusive character names while creating, also people using abusive language should get temporary ban on chat area (like they get while spamming) this system will be very comfortable if you are a teen or you want to play this game with your family/close friends. and all those haters who're against this post get a life ***** ******** , if u like these abusive words then go play some adult games , stop playing warspear and let us keep it clean for teens and first of all if you dont like this post, simply ignore it you don't have to show your bullshit thinking over here. Bai bai!!
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