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  1. Hi! I have  a ranger lvl 14 and i dont know what to do. I have 3710 Arena points, i lost 1k on an arena armor, and i dont know what to do.. To stay at lvl 14 to buy lvl 15 bow and lvl up, 3 exp to lvl up or i stay lvl 14 to make more arena points to buy arena items, boots, gloves etc. Now i have safe facewrap +4 with ench, qualitative amulet with ench,  cloak of neophyte no ench, hard long bow+1 one ench, durable jacket of young gladiator +4 one ench, safe baldric+1 with ench, safe  leather gloves +4 no ench, safe moccasins+4 with one ench, ring of resistance no ench and ring of crushing blow. I need some ideas..

  2. with touckhe screen mode i can put numbbers but letters not more, i tried the normal method , like typing a message 1 234567890 this message is from Nokia E5

  3. Hi guys! I have a problem. i can put numbers with my nokia e5 in warspear?? Why?? I put keybord qwerty becouse my phone is a qwerty phone. What i can do?

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