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  1. I do not understand how you can call mage weak. A class with the strongest AoE skill with the largest range that also provides a stun chance along with a position lock AoE skill and a dot that couples well with the arrow skill. Firstly Mage is, if not the strongest purely pve class in game, given that it has a skill that negates all damage per hit (mind you, no skill in game can do that) and can stack enough lifesteal to reach hp cap with one meteor skill. Even locks don't have a similar damage output with such high rewards. MOREOVER Mage
  2. Bruv it's literally in the change logs lol... Ranger trap forces all classes to at the least keep positions locked, you can test this new found knowledge in arena if you want ๐Ÿ˜› If the barb is caught he cannot move unless he procs resist Now we can talk about resist Stat, I do not ask you to create a resist build as a matter of fact, I'm asking you to rely on your team mate. If the barbarian charges, even in a 2v2 condition your team mate can back you up. Paladin is a different case all together, hence why foj was planned to get a Nerf until many
  3. Barbarian's immunity does seem over the top but it is an active skill. basically provides leeway for barb to enter. the charge + immune synergy is common for many classes not just barb, as a matter of fact it is weaker than most tank synergies. DK = death call + silence + pull ( only issue is the amount of time required to stack the skills and hence its very low active time) Paladin = harad call + foj + banner (bug positioning and chance of stun fail) Charmer = knowledge + any ranged skill Warden = unkillable, just walk in as you can see, every
  4. This suggestion comes from a few videos I've watched on YouTube regarding the dead man mode series on runescape, a fast paced tournament with rewards at the end. The idea came in mind because of what i think is the ability to apply a similar kind of event into this game as well, so take it with a grain of salt and add constructive criticism if you wish. You start the event by opting to enter the event : (Picture 1 and 2) Once you enter, you will be teleported to your home island as a level 1 character just as in the beginning of the game. BUT players wi
  5. Prefix : I am not barb main /// do not use a barb 7 yard stun is false, charge range is 5 yards + 2 with inaccessible relic, where one relic slot is sacrificed (Pene relic could also be used in place) charge is a chance based stun with low proc chance in itself, when coupled with the resist stat + other defensive stats can be countered Your damage intake argument can be used against any class on your side as well, BDs with base hit 1k have passives that increase their hit to 1.4k or more Paladins follow the same trend as barb with their multi defense reductio
  6. Please look into the bug asap, it occurs even out of combat extremely annoying.
  7. Fair is not the right word to use here ๐Ÿ˜› They nerfed two skills that did not need a nerf. -reserve is practically useless now with its cd and slow heal time (expert is not usable now) -saturation cannot be used on a constant basis and requires 10% hp sacrifice especially with the introduction of skills that heal 3k+ to anyone in the vicinity (paladin) and a class that casually heals 700-800 every one second (The town tanker) The issue is they brought a skill that reduces damage as a whole, which at end game is pointless since most end game co
  8. The skill does not stack with darkshield, in other words its only use will be on mobs that hit high damage as in bosses. In cases of multiple mobs this skill plays very little of a role (Technopolis dg) since damage difference will be very less, when used with darkshield (the main deadly aspect of this dg is the number of mobs rather than the damage to begin with) since now there is no effective health compensation skill for dk to capitalize upon moreover due to its cd gap bosses can still hit during the time this skill is on cd, again making it redundant as a who
  9. DK silence is bugged Once used, it instantly gets resisted before hitting (as seen in ss) in arena based scenarios a dk will not be able to activate the skill at all if his opponents have the resist stat. ( if he provokes the group as a whole)
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