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  1. In my opinion, the most critical issue is not how long players spend online and how many times they spend in the arena, but while GM had do baned acc.wat it depends on? If the decision applies to the sharing operation, then I think GM should have a detailed description, such as the use of ip, login devices, areas and so on, to make people understand and convinced, rather than a single auto replied.or player wait 3 days (In case of emergency )and just got reply few words ends,if u the players. wats ur feelling? its really bad .maybe ws just a simply games but for some players its like a Small World. if players did break rules.show it , arena its a sports too, i think gm needs do something to protect all players(Athletes).if nexttimes it happened on others countries players,what we will see again? i think its dosent matter about players from,the main points is if this game's rules are really good and 👉“work”. 👀
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