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    EansS got a reaction from Higgings in New Book is a lie   
    here is the english version

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    EansS got a reaction from triggeredAF in New Book is a lie   
    The new book Revelation of Fury is a lie. In his description of him he said that he activated fury at every critic of the character. And after I used it I found that it only activates every 20 seconds. I think the company should correctly explain how each skill book works, as I paid dearly for it, which was not even half of what I paid!

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    EansS got a reaction from Khrone in [2020.08.17] Warspear Online 8.4.2 Update: Preview   
    Na minha opinião a skill em area do seeker vai ficar meio inutil agora, porque ela vai durar muito pouco msm e vai ter muito cd. Poderiam apenas diminuir o dano dela msm
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