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  1. Esse livro de habilidade que o primeiro lugar ganhou, é um que dropa em Boss ou que compra no npc. Tipo é habilidade de classe ou os books que se pode usar em qualquer classe?
  2. here is the english version
  3. Exactly. I think this is wrong, especially with these expensive books. I paid an absurd in this book because everyone thought he activated the fury attribute to each critic, and that is what he hinted at by the description. After I used it, I really realized how different it is. It was not worth even 1/3 of what I paid.
  4. It only activates the furia if it hits a critical blow every 20 seconds. They should specify this, it gave the impression of being a good book before and when I used it I saw that it was not worth it. The fury was much better, but now I have spent all my gold.
  5. The new book Revelation of Fury is a lie. In his description of him he said that he activated fury at every critic of the character. And after I used it I found that it only activates every 20 seconds. I think the company should correctly explain how each skill book works, as I paid dearly for it, which was not even half of what I paid!
  6. Na minha opinião a skill em area do seeker vai ficar meio inutil agora, porque ela vai durar muito pouco msm e vai ter muito cd. Poderiam apenas diminuir o dano dela msm
  7. Só tenho uma pergunta, a exacerbação do seeker foi nerfado ou buffada? Vai dar mais ou menos dano?
  8. Alguem poderia me explicar como essa nova atualização modificou a exacerbação do seeker? No post fala que agora os danos vão ser contabilizados nas masmorras, antes eles nao eram?
  9. What has been modified in the search engine exacerbation? How well are the risks now counted in the dungeons and the arena? Before were not they?
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