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  1. Yes. Nope. Both damage and critical damage. I'll just make this easy for everyone:
  2. > Increases chance to avoid critical hit. > Reduces critical hit damage. > Reduces damage from other players.
  3. Says the person who cared too much for ranks. Do i have to say it again? When did we run the guild with the rank system?
  4. Negative karma got out of hand, so it was removed. Besides, the forums now has a more of a friendly approach without it.
  5. Everyone got de-ranked due to thefts. Ranks were not important anyway, we never ran the guild by ranks. Sorry mate, missed it completely. I Wont sell it out of br. When you have the amount, just let me know and i'll organise a time to log on for the trade. Animal, I Dont know what is up with gi. No responses to pm's and has not responded to this conversation. You know the options. Run the guild with the current ranks or create a new or join another guild. If you decide to keep with bacon, i can easily log on when needed for upgrades. Anything else is locked out because Gi holds the leader rank unless she decides to pass it over to myself or to you. If she refuses to respond within a month or so, just send a ticket to support requesting the leadership. Hope she is ok and have fun mate.
  6. Yes that guide is a perfect answer to this topic. Be sure to note my first comment on the topic, as it misses a great way to earn gold if you have the mind for it. Case closed C:
  7. Quite nice. C: Armor, with a slight feminine look.
  8. Flaming and multi posting removed. Please respect each other and please multi quote instead of multi posting.
  9. [Novice death knight's outfit] Contains the outfit in question. Menu > Miracle shop > Items for beginners
  10. I'm not playing mate. Playing another game atm ( see sig ). I Bumped u up a rank and removed two of my chars, so you can at least invite new members and boot others if needed. You really need to catch up with gi for anything further. It's her guild after all.
  11. I Always advise to start with a heal type. Just so that it is easier to be included in farms and dungeons. And to acquire gears. Necro / priest / shaman / druid. Instant heal classes such as a necro & priest are great for farms. Shield skills go a long way.
  12. Thats right. They will announce them if they intend to release them. Stay tuned to update announcements.
  13. There is no private servers available.
  14. This topic has been moved to [suggestions]. [iurl]http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=114717.0[/iurl]
  15. All changes for the 4.2 update are listed here. As for new skills, stay tuned for further updates. If they intend to release more skills, they will come with further updates.
  16. Please use the search function next time, your question has been asked multiple times and the answers are out there. ( The search bar can be found on the top right of each page ). > Finish the Irselnort quest line. ( Shadows being the last boss of that quest line ) > Finish the chainless league reputation quest line. > Finish the Norlant swamp main quest line The main NPC in town 5 will then direct you to the bg tower quest line starting with the gatekeeper. Any further questions in regards to this? Ask away.
  17. This topic has been moved to [suggestions]. [iurl]http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=114568.0[/iurl]
  18. Yeah sorry mate. Haven't played more than 30 minutes these past 3 weeks. I Dont think that will change for me.. at least not til a decent update.. maybe. Been fun.
  19. I'd say no. It would be an easily exploited function.
  20. This topic has been moved to Suggestions. [suggestions]
  21. And that is unlike any other class skills?
  22. Blueborn


    The search function does exist for users convenience. It is found on the top right of the page. Please don't duplicate topics that already exist, add your support or thoughts upon an existing one. Old can be gold.
  23. Yes, it's merely rewarding players who spend tickets rather than victory. But removing it would be hard for those who are only after the points for the AP shop. Draws in arena are more frustrating to be honest... There will always be some sort of imbalance. Yes, that is a good point. But it has a lot of pro's and con's either way. That one is rough. It forces players to sell said item(s) to npc's for a measly amount, or to tear apart with craft. I Would like to say a big NO to personal drops. Yes, hopefully they will consider removing it real soon. real soon... They need to add another dungeon like astral labyrinth real fast. Most players do not want to see that kind of farming die. I Personally love to farm in lab.. but it is becoming more and more pointless to do so. It has provided quite a fun experience, bring it back to life! In time.. in time.. Didn't i read somewhere that they are planning to improve that at some point? Something about unique skills or something... idk, it's all a sham anyways.
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