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  1. i still have my lvl14 arena druid there
  2. Well since i previously moved my investments to another server.. i might need help power leveling and obtaining gears. ._. Well.. add me anyways "xetroV"
  3. Sounds like you guys might need a lock.
  4. Maybe you could voice record whilst recording the video's. You know, reactions, short comments etc. Then just fade the music in and out for the voice.
  5. I Might. Who is who and what classes?
  6. LINK: Technical support
  7. Definatly. Thats a big plus for me as well.
  8. Nah, next vid. End of match stats are entirely up to you. I Personally like to flick through the results. Glad you like the idea. It's optimal.
  9. Food for thought: Passwords can be random at length. From one digit to twenty. Alphabetical and numeric which options thirty six characters. Many variations. Adding lower case & higher case just increases the possible variations as well. Besides, auto lock out would cause more issues than good if you think about it. How many try to break passwords, and how many would find themselves locked out of their own account. Would just increase the amount of support requests.
  10. Not bad at all. Good choice in music and great combination of clips. Two things i would do though. Increase the playback speed slightly for non combat sectors, and reduce video length to at least fifteen or ten minutes. Even if you split the video.
  11. Lmao, some people just have too much time on their hands. xD Was good though.
  12. So whats going on with Vortex these days? I Jumped on yesterday and saw some of the old members on my FL have not even leveled beyond twenty yet. Who is still playing?
  13. Thats pretty much it. Rewards will be what they will be for as long as the development team are satisfied with it. If and when they decide to change it again, they will let us know. For now, they have thus far been satisfied with what it currently is and have shown no signs of changing it soon.
  14. This topic has been moved to [Class discussion - Death knight]. [iurl]http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=117903.0[/iurl]
  15. Pretty good indeed. I Could listen to that guy for days.
  16. Speaking of Pokemon. Am i the only one who is annoyed about trying to "catch them all", but not "all" of them are in the same version? It nags at me everytime i think of playing one.. i want them all!! xD
  17. Yes, but the basis of his/her question is still unclear. o.o
  18. Osama bin edited. But that facial expression though.. priceless xD
  19. Informative. I Like it. And there is plenty of room for expansion if you so choose. C:
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