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  1. I personally dont think our weapons should damage, break or decrease with amps. A failed amp should be sufficient. :(
  2. Warspear Online - Shadows of Berengar quest now that looks a lot easier. but it just proves that rich players prevail the best. :sorry:
  3. Good advice guys.. its appretiated :yahoo:
  4. A lot of people are either stuck or have given up on this quest due to its difficulty ( The Difficulty of the bosses and creating the party's needed ).[/color] We need to organize people to approach the shadows in combat.please organize this with a future date and time on here perhaps?....[/color] unite fb's :shout: !!![/color] [/color]http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/
  5. Paladin! straight up :spiteful:
  6. A class not intended for close combat i think we all should agree... but do we have any choice but to fight in close quarters even with scatter? In a party we are very effective with the range except for the point of mobs loving to target rangers. ( Or its just me :wacko: )
  7. When miracle coins were first introduced, I was buying up Mcoins and loving it. Now after coming back from semi retirement i find that it isnt available any longer! :mega_shok: Why is that so and when are we getting that option back? :unknw:
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