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  1. I havnt been counting... but iv been trying to amp my arena bow from +6 to +7 for weeks now :facepalm: . im guessing 150 to 200 signs so far.. no joke :bad:
  2. FB - 3/7/12 Misty shelter. Two screens left of Citadel. :good:
  3. I cant take a snapshot now.. but for the shadows quest, the mirror is not spelled correctly. quest dialog and even the item itself. :facepalm: Can somebody post the pic up for me? lol :wacko:
  4. :wacko: Tell me about it.. we all know. Iv lost count of th amount of signs/mcoin and dam spheres iv used trying to get my +6 Hard composite bow to +7 :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: im gonna guess round 110 equivalent signs ect...... maybe more And if u think that is Bad.. try farming for 14hrs straight with no drop :crazy: . Genie farm.. dropped 3 items for other party members during that time.. and spheres u ask? maybe a set of def.. and round 4 dam. :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: Biggest wast of my time.
  5. lol been happening most of the day
  6. SAPPHIRE FB - 30/6/12 I Found myself helping my fellow FBs to farm Beholder.. congrats to those who got their outfit :good: . Ill get mine some day. :blush: :drinks:
  7. erm... maybe just extend the trade slot amount :blush:
  8. I hope these posts help: http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=65142 :good:
  9. I need gloves to complete my shadow set :blush:
  10. umm.. when did you last do shadows? Im gonna guess that it was before the shadows got amped up... am i right? :facepalm: Then again.. with a strong bd and druid... and added help from pots, it can be done.
  11. trust me mate 1pt can do.. like i said before have a good healer and heavy tank ( choose them wisely ) .. that will make it possible for u. wouldnt hurt to have a few pots too :crazy: . If you are keen to have a mass amount of people to do shadows.. i still believe you should keep to the guidelines of the video. The hardest thing to do with so many people.. is getting everyone to follow these guidelines.. step1- Have everyone in the corner at the bookcase. step2- have tank lure closest shadow to corner ( red is recommended first ). step3- keep your tank in the corner. ( keep in mind the tank needs high def AND sun def ) step4- during step 2 to 3 have your healer heal your tank. step5- when the rest of the shadows start reseting ( running back to original location ), have everyone kill the lured shadow ( besides tank and healer of course ). there is also that chance that you will have that one person not following these guidelines.. likely result: shadows dont reset and slaughter your party members ( or just himself ). :wacko: a side note to my fellow Rangers: if MCs start invading and killing FB.. funniest thing to do is use scatter and send them walking right into the shadows lmao :spiteful: .
  12. I done well during my shadow farming days.. so i have thrown in the towel and completed the quest. :good: But i must tell all of you who need and want to complete this quest... follow the vid that i previously placed here and you will do well.. and beware.. quantity is stronger, but is more likely to fail.. choose your tank wisely and have a good healer on hand ( or pots for those rich people ). good luck and set those dates :good:
  13. FB - 29/6/12 Chris in Nornakon center will show the way. :yahoo:
  14. I have come to the conclusion that it isnt worth completing... farm :crazy: and have good pt
  15. Dont forget about those who scam items and G. Lindana ( FB sapphire ) recently duped me out of 4set of signs :facepalm: A very exspencive mistake/lesson that cost me real $. She stated that she had a zealot bow for sale and agreed upon 8set sign as payment. I gave trust and traded half amount which resulted in being ignored and loss of 4set sign/mcoin/real $$$ :facepalm: :'( I know i dont have a snapshot for u guys due to being on mobile at the time.... but please.. be wary of trading with LINDANA :bad: dont make a noob move like i did :blush:
  16. :drinks: hey mate. Dont bother too much with shadows ay. After u finish thats it for main quest.. it only unlocks a few more dailys. And hey why would u want to finish it? they drop BG gear :) .. when u get strong enough FARM ;D
  17. I personally dont ask for G when i help out low lvls on 1st island.. but do keep in mind the costs of repairs ay. :crazy:
  18. Mask of Berengar's shadow. Doublet of Berengar's shadow. High boots of Berengar's shadow. What do i need to complete these sets? :blush: Helm of Berengar's revenge. Brigandine of Berengar's revenge. Somebody sell or trade me plzzz :give_rose: ... pm Blueborn ( FB-sapphire )
  19. Its good to hear that our admins are joining us once in a while :friends: :pleasantry:
  20. BAN SCAMMERS :diablo: Something should be done about them. Even an instant reverse trade button for those who got scammed.. a button that will instantly reverse a trade, that will last for about 5min after trade. THAT SHOULD PUT A PEG INTO WARSPEARs CON ARTISTS :diablo: :bomb: . But of course it wouldnt help with your situation, but im talking about items and G.
  21. thank youuuuuuu :yahoo: $3au for 320mcoin is better than nothing :blush:
  22. i agree... i have a symbian based nokia e63 and every few crossings my game shuts down :wacko: . Not good at all, please fix it soon before i give up altogether. :cray:
  23. I think we all agree that they have the failure rate is still too high. I mean seriously.. how many signs or miricle coins does it take to +10 a weap... $150au in mcoin or more? Too pricy Aigrind.. straight up bs. And they have the nerve to "break" our hard earned weap's... at least dont break those ay. If u lose your weap with no G.. your screwed :wacko:
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