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  1. As many know now there is a large amount of quests for the chosen that are missing dialog that are proving to be tuff to get past. But if you think thats a problem... when all quests are finished and you have reached "Herads power" quest you will find a bug that puts a halt on the game leaving lvl7 chosen in limbo.. near end of quest it askes you to swim across to the sun rose to collect its dew, but alas where its indicated you cannot cross. Please many of us are asking for a fix so we can proceed :'( :facepalm:
  2. Blueborn

    quest not found

    Answer to one of last two EDIT: drop from: from coastal warg
  3. Blueborn

    quest not found

    and another :bad: third one so far
  4. Blueborn

    quest not found

    Oh wait... there's more :facepalm: another "Quest not found"
  5. Blueborn

    quest not found

    oh wait... wrong item :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: its [Hemlock sprout] that you need :blush:
  6. Blueborn

    quest not found

    heres some pics ;D EDIT: oh btw.. everytime i went to collect these items it came up empty. No collects :facepalm:
  7. I have only one thing to say to most comments on here: OMG :facepalm: CHILL PILL SUBSCRIBED :rofl: :give_rose: FYI: Pvp is dead and shall be until the interest is revived.
  8. We all seem to be having same problem, Mine specifically is happening on my Nokia E63 ( symbian based ). Complete cycle of the data cache. FAIL :facepalm:
  9. ooooh... its slowed down again :wacko: . ok here we go lol.. FB - 14/7/12 take a walk to the almost always abandoned "SOMARRA tribe village" and you will find a two legged friend who will show the way. ;D :good:
  10. any future bugs with the payment system i shall do. thanks for noticing this notice hehehe :friends: ;D
  11. Getting a few bugs: 1# sent sms and recieved blank message in return ( no deduction to account ).. no miracle coins. 2# Sent message... no reply and charged phone account and no miracle coins. No1 is recently within the last few hrs of this post. No2 is happening at low random rate. Are we getting this fixed?
  12. Why you lucky little [ ADULT CONTENT ] :diablo: ............. ;D
  13. FB: 5/7/12 - 6/7/12 main worker @ Good fame island ( inside cave by boat ) :good:
  14. It may be a good idea to start laying down some dates and times for people to meet and complete this quest. As a few suggestions: Pick a date at least 6 days set after your post. orginise two separate times of the day to meet the timezone differences. and just before setting out to the gateway.. notify your fellow elves on trade whom have quite possibly missed the post. And lastly.. notify people on trade about the date and advise them to wander onto the forum prior to the set date. this site may prove useful in setting those times.. this link will lead you straight to moscows time ( russians time ): http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/city.html?n=166 Good luck and work together, and please.. read the previous posts, they will help you complete this quest. The video is the key.
  15. Blueborn

    Hello :)

    Same here.. only started up again about two or so months ago. So welcome back :friends:
  16. I can see one faction camping opposing sides town awaiting for the slaughter ;D
  17. FB - 4/7/12 ( again ) @ Riff ps. you gotta love the spelling :wacko: "tonnels" .... tunnels
  18. I guess i should update this now and say thank you to the Aigrind team for giving us the option back. :good: :drinks: Hopefully in the future more options will be added to the sms amounts. ;D
  19. FB - 4/7/12 Velaid @ Foot of grey mountains North. :good:
  20. As a side note.. Rangers left facing single opponent in arena have sort of same choice. If you have a decent regen rate that is. Scatter on low health and run > scatter + power shot > run > scatter + powershot > run.. ect. when confident enough > blessing while running > turn + scatter + power and finish em off. ;D This is a gamble too.. all depends on timing, opponent class and skill of opposing player. But has worked for me on occasion.
  21. After taking a look at the skill window, it looks like they have left the possibility open there due to the arrows. There is a few Possibly answers: 1. they were going to add more skills but scrapped it and didn't clean up the skill menu. 2. they are going to add more options in the future. 3. they are still deciding. Or the arrows were intended for change of sub menu ( eg. attributes menu ). possibly nothing to do with skills. But an Admin answer would be nice :wacko: I would love more skills for my chars. Maybe dual classes hehehe.
  22. If we still have your attention SNORLAX ( love the name by the way.. gotta catch em all mate hehehe ).... Its good to see you guys making some effort to answer your consumers: But please answer these few Q's: 1. Is Aigrind intending to reduce the fail rate on the amplification system? Us the consumers ( and im sure 100% ) must all agree by now that we have spent too much time and money on failed amps. 2. A slight increase in boss item drops? Is that possible? I personally spent 14hrs on a farm straight with no item drop. We the consumers must have a partially decent alternative to earn G that does not always involve the purchase of mcoin. Sure we do at least get the drops, but an increase is needed for some bosses. 3. Update question ( of course lol ) .... Has the Aigrind team worked out how the four faction meet? Like how MC and FB meet ( if they even do ). I dont know if the answer to this question is hiding in this forum somewhere.. if it is, sorry.. i havnt found it yet or just simply missed it. thanks for your time if you have even read this, but a reply would be needed. lolz. Please respond to your consumers. Im sure you guys have a position that fulfills this ( Maybe thats you snorlax? ). thnx.
  23. Im sure pokie/slot players are having the same conversation. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: But like it was said.. only the admins can shed light on this.. not like they will though. us farming = the increased possability that we buy more mcoin. And if they are watching.... 14 hrs straight farming genie and no item drop for me... seriously WT?!?!?!?!?!?
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