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    lol marketers

    theres only two things that make sense.. either people dont know how to price their item and/or people jack the prices for those who dont know better and buy those items. :unknw: and yes this is a late post up but if you have been paying attention to the prices in and out of the market.. nothing changes :D
  2. Blueborn


    I have brought BG items from 3set sign up to 7set. It all comes down to who is selling and what you are willing to pay. I personally think anywhere from and in-between 3set to 7set is fine. But if you are thinking gold price... compare this with the current in-game sign prices. ( The price of signs are forever changing ) But as a side note: beware of trading with sets of sign greater than 5set. Scammers and honest players alike, like to prefere to offer the item as follows: "give me 5set sign then trade again for last 2set and item" This is where scammers take advantage by taking those 5 sets and placing you on ignore and running off with your signs. But this can be the same the other way around. 2 tips for everyone here: #record or screen capture the whole agreement and transaction for potential evidence for support. #Trade the item with the first 5sets.. think of who would lose the most.. the buyer. ( Seller: you might miss out on 2 set and the item... the buyer: you could lose 5sets.) Just remember: Many people pay real money for their signs.
  3. what was the topic again for this? :wacko:
  4. :facepalm: This is not suggestions to prevent from being ignored.. its a guide to being generous and a good person. But being a good and slightly generous player will have other players like you ( and sometimes prey on you ).. being liked wont get you ignored. One good important point that i see: There is always somebody that needs help.. could be simple or hard, but find the time to help them when you can. its always good to help and receive it also. Give gold to beggers? :bad: Learn to make that G that you need. there is always a way. Iv been there and found myself punching mobs back on first island to make gold because i lost my weapon. Here's some points of advice that i can share: #Dont abuse players / treat fellow players the way you wish to be treated. #The word "Noob".. be careful when you use it.. or better yet, dont use it at all. #It pays to be an honest player. #Dont steal other peoples kills/pickups.. its best to let the person/people who was there first to kill/collect. (not play first kill/pickup wins) There is much advice but im not going to list out your personality for you. Just try to be the best person you can be and you will better yourself and you will have better relations with other people. That there in that sentence should basically be my advice on "How to prevent to be ignored"
  5. After simply removing the "E" in the file extension: :lol:
  6. :facepalm: jpeg.. jpg... jpeg... jpg... is anyone else getting this? Its the same format lol
  7. As in all times of war, there has always been a time of truce and cease-fire.. and even times of mutual interest. No put downs here.. good work :good:
  8. Seriously.. it gets boring fast. Personally i find lab too much work and farming easily bores me :blush: . So with that in mind being lvl20 with no aims or goals is.. well.. its slightly boring. But on a good note.. it is fun to watch low lvl mc's scramble to run from you :rofl: .
  9. ahh you beaten me too it :lol: Thanks mate :good:
  10. FB: 1-9-12 Well i'm back and doing the never ending quests for that little.. small.. tiny.. microscopic.. minute.. miniature.. scanty and ungenerous currency award called Crimson Corundum ;D . So here i am telling you that the location of today's vestige is hidden in a boar infested place called "Nornakon Center".. by guess who? Non other but Chris Nornakon of course. Happy hunting. :good:
  11. Many names and many deaths. Add my name :spiteful:
  12. OMG this handy forum subject is dying :shok: . im gonna have to start doing relic quests again :lol: :lol: good excuse? i think so 8)
  13. Well they either intend to or should. im sick of getting mc drops :bad: ps. man i havnt been on forum for ages ;D
  14. huh? :shok: :shok: my ranger can farm easy.. can tank even. where u at? :facepalm:
  15. ah good thinking Aigrind.. something to further the interest for everyone. :good: thanks for the notice Kuzmitch. just one request.. can u guys throw in more slots for the trade exchange? :blush: just a small thing to prevent some trade scammers. i
  16. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS POSTS HAS END GAME CONTENT ( or something like that ) .. continue reading at own risk lol My curious nature has yet again been peaked by yet another mention by another player of this mysterious island called "Aivondil". where is it? when can we go to it? Does it exist yet? these questions are quite valid. This mysterious place is mentioned upon the end of the storyline quests and has left myself and many others wondering. Can any of these questions be answered? PS: Can somebody please post up the dialog for this?
  17. Blueborn

    bugs v3.0

    late answer but on pc and symbian i have had crashes for opening "my maps" :wacko:
  18. Well it thankfully turned out to be marker glitch's. Many thanks to "Flamemage" for finding the real location.
  19. At the rate things are going with the bugs.. it will be a while before we can fully test the pd out :facepalm: . Chosen was halted by quest bug at lvl7.. now we found one at lvl8. yeahhh its gonna be a while :unknw:
  20. I agree but you will find that these quests bugs are in game and stop players dead in their tracks. Without these fixed theres no point in fixing the Server stability problems :unknw: .
  21. Chosen are now being stopped short at the quest called "Counterattack". The quest goes fine until the point where it directs u to "melt armour of 4 dead elves" by using an acid that was concocted at the beginning of the quest. There is one problem.... we dont have that option. The split option does not exist where it should be ( the one where you click on mob and have the two choices of either doing A or B, B being usually being attack ). We are now stuck at this point and cannot proceed. FIX PLZ . :sorry:
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