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  1. Yep.. september is almost over. deliver or inform us :diablo:
  2. I like the attitude ;D good stuff.
  3. what the hell.. ill wish everyone luck ( myself mostly :blush: ).. and ill give it a go.
  4. ok. I Just thought he would have a 2nd to handle affairs while he was away. :give_rose:
  5. Well there you have it.. the cbow is good for pvp ;D
  6. I Like it ;D :spiteful:
  7. priceless :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  8. I like both.. but prefer my bow. :blush: Speed is almost everything for a ranger, if you have great defence then go crossbow.
  9. Blueborn

    Best Bow

    +10 that madness ;D
  10. I have seen many people state that they would love to have a clan/guild system installed into the game. What do you think? Vote now and have your say in the matter. :good:
  11. I think everyone would love to have an in-game guild/clan system. I reckon a poll is in order ;D
  12. that party setup does work nicely, as my druid and paladin has done it this way. :good:
  13. lol if you can catch kupidoll.. one second he's on, the next... Gone :unknw:
  14. Iv finally decided to join a clan/guild and i would like to join yours if you would have me. :friends:
  15. so i take it that its an elf and chosen friendly guild. when are you guys going to place up the clan page?
  16. All we can do is cross our fingers and hope they fix this problem in a future update... i somehow doubt it. :nea:
  17. Im not that rich :lol: . and yeah close to 10 tries ;D but at least i succeeded. good fun.
  18. Awww you cut out the end where i finally managed to kill you after trying many times to get past your bodyguards :facepalm: lol good fun though.. keep up with the vids. :good:
  19. nah i like the speach bubble idea.. but just place a "!" in the speech bubble above their head when they have pressed sent. Another idea for pt and private chat: place a "..." when a person or persons is typing. like active text.
  20. This is what i have recently posted on a thread for Mcoin shop idea's.. it would solve the problem, and aigrind would also make some more $ off of us players lol. Slot bags.. fixes everything ;D
  21. As an extended idea to "trade slot bags" ( slot extension for trade ).. STORAGE CHESTS. A place to store your precious items. Located at respawn statues and nadir market. Brought from Mcoin shop ( of course ). Slot bags used to extend chest size. Items in chest and the chest itself can be used and shared by all characters from the same account. I love the sound of these two idea's and would willingly spend coin on them. :good: ;D
  22. Thanks.. ill be looking into joining a guild at some point soon. ill keep you guys in mind :)
  23. lol i also have tried that and it sometimes doesnt give me the next one til th first is complete. havnt tried it since update though.
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